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hello from a newbie rider chick

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kittiminx, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. I'm a newly addicted rider, just passed my P's after 3 months and 2 weeks on my L's. I'm riding a CBR 250RR around bayside melbourne, and there's nothing better than revving it out on an empty patch of hwy on a sunny day. Still finding that i've got so much to learn - every time i work out how to handle the bike better i realise how far i've got to go!
    I've had a few of the problems that others have had, mostly with putting it in neutral when stopped! Actually, i've had no problems with that since i got my A* boots - seems like the extra stiffness in the shoe helps snick it into gear.
    I'd love to go on some group rides but i'm a bit nervous about having to keep up with so much more experienced riders. I'd love any advice on how to get better at leaning into corners - i still find that i lose my nerve sometimes and either go wide or have to back off which is the worst thing to do!
    I love the site and hopefully have heaps of great riding ahead!

  2. Kitti, welcome to Netrider. There's always an "L&P Plate ride' going on; Netrider is famous for fostering new riders :).
  3. [​IMG] kittiminx
  4. Hello Kitti! :)

    Welcome aboard. don't worry about having to keep up. The rule on group rides is always to go at your own pace, so pick the levels that fit your description and join in. If you want some help with cornering, try asking on the Mentors thread in 'New Riders" and someone will take you for a ride and offer some advice. There's plenty of experienced riders here willing to help. :)
  5. Welcome!!!
  6. Welcome Kitti. Get along to a ride or some NR gatherings and start asking questions.

    A lot of riders will offer advice, but it might not be riding "technology"... see if you can ask some wiser heads who have actually thought about their riding... hang around the forums a while and you'll get to see who we think we are... er, who they are :LOL:

    In the mean time, save up the dollars and get yourself to a Hart, or Stayupright intermediate or advanced riding course. STAT!

    It's much better for you to get out there getting saddle time with the right knowledge in your head, than with what you think might be right....

    Goodluck KM!

  7. a big hello n welcome to you Kitti. hope to see u in one of the meets (that i am yet still to attend).
  8. welcome from me too.

  9. And me toooooooooo.

    Welcome :grin:
  10. Dang!...there I was all set to try and say something enlightening, but Robsalvv (Rob), already said it. :grin:

    The baby blade is a great little bike and it will give you alot of fun riding it!
    As for the cornering, keep your arms and shoulders relaxed and give your brain time enough to get used to the lean angles you need...then lean a little more, until you get used to that...etc..
    Corners are where the fun is...so get the correct techniques and you will never look back from there.

    Feel free to contact one of the NR "Mentors" if you have'nt already...they'll help you get going on your cornering...or anything else you feel you need to work on with your riding.
  11. Elo... welcomeanhavagreatday....
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! :grin:
    I am definitely up for some mentoring - any clues on who is nearest to Mentone? If it's not pissing down rain on Sat I thought i'd turn up at the St Kilda coffee night - maybe meet some of you guys there?

    Look out!!!
  14. Sure!..turn up and say hello to the mob at StKilda, or there is friday night at SthBank as well....
    Not sure if any of the other Mentors are listening, but I'm a Mentor and am willing to lend you a hand if you like...I'm just up in Nth Balwyn...not too far away.
    Shoot me a PM if you wanna chat or get together for some pointers.
  15. Thanks for the offer, when i've got enough posts i'll be sending you a PM! I know i've got so much to learn - can't wait until i can ride a bit smoother!
  16. If your having alot of trouble you may want to try adjusting your clutch. I was having serious issues with mine and after a week of it starting the clutch cable snapped. Threw on a new one, adjusted it and she's good as new. Into neutral first time everytime.

    To second to what people have said about riding at your own pace, I went on a group ride after 3 weeks of riding. Forced myself to keep up with the more experienced riders and came unstuck half way through black spur.

    Also, I just finished reading twist of the wrist II and it has helped my confidence in corners a great deal. Might want to check it out.

    Welcome to Netrider :grin:
  17. Welcome to the forums, :)

    If you would like a riding buddy for Friday night coffee, I'm just around the corner in Mordy
  18. Welcome Kitti,
    Hope you have a ball... on here and on the street.

    I've been putting off an intermediate course at HART or Stayupright...
    and have had many NR's recommend I take some action. :grin:
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