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Hello from a newbie - Baulkham Hills to Sydney CBD - commute time?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hills_newbie, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. First of all, a big "Hello" to all members on Netrider. I have to say, its a blessing to have Netrider around - so much information and very helpful members. Kudos to all contributors!

    I will be a new Hills resident during mid May 2011 - staying at Baulkham Hills. At the same time, I will be a new motorbike rider on Sydney's roads (gulp!!). I'm not new to riding ofcourse, as I have been riding overseas for around 7-8 years.

    Here comes the queries:
    1. My initial research confirms that I will need a road bike for daily commute to the city. I will be looking at to buy a motorbike for something below $5000. Initial thoughts are Yamaha Virago cruiser or maybe a Kawasaki Ninja bike with low kms. Any suggestions/comments please?
    2. Is anyone here commuting to the city using your motorbike? Is it relatively safe? How long does it take to reach the city? Are there enough parking spots?
    3. Should I consider other travelling options to the city instead?

    Any comments/suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi hills_newbie,

    Big welcome to the forum! I've never had a cruiser before but I have owned a Kawasaki Ninja before and it's a very reliable bike, there are other choices but the Ninja will be the easiest to find second hand cheap because of it's popularity.

    I travel to the city a couple of times a week, leaving at midday and morning. If I leave midday it'll take roughy 35min and in the morning with traffic I'd give myself 45min, via Epping Rd. & Victoria Rd. Those times are like the minimum, you should allow time for finding parking too which I don't do. Reason is I don't have an issue finding parking because I park around UTS uni.

    N.B. If you plan to park closer to the CBD centre then you'll need to get there quite early, the spots fill up quickly and people park there all day. I don't really know what the policy is for undercover carparks, some have rates others are unclear because they don't say anything about bikes.

    I think it's fairly safe in the morning, probably because of all the cops catching people using the bus lanes (bikes can use bus lanes provided it doesn't say "Bus Only Lane"). Driving is expensive and the train is crowded, I prefer riding.


    Hope that helps.
  3. Hi George,

    Thank you!

    I still haven't decided on the bike yet, but I'm hoping to visit one of the showrooms this weekend to get a feel of the cruisers and the ninja. I think probably that will help with my decision.

    Hmmm, yes parking seems to be a problem, though I'm hoping to get to the city before 8am. I might also try underground parking rates at my building. I'm a bit far from the UTS uni too, but thanks for sharing that info. 45 mins seems a bit more than what I expected.

    I like to ride to work, but since I haven't had the experience yet, not sure what I'd prefer. But your comments have been helpful. Thanks for that.