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Hello from a new rider in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Rybky, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Just joined netrider and the forums so thought I would say hi!

    Having been a car driver for 18 years, I am finally venturing into the world of motorbikes. Took my pre-learner course and DKT last week, all went well and was presented with my learner license and a trendy yellow L plate. :)

    Last week I bought a brand new Kawasaki KLE500, bit of a bargain to be had on these at the moment as Kawasaki are stopping selling them in Australia this year so dealers are running them out. This style of bike also suits my physique and riding requirements perfectly.

    It was delivered to my home on Saturday and so far I am taking it slowly and just going out around the quiet back streets in the evenings to learn all the basics of the bike controls before I hit the busy streets. The plan is to become confident with the gear changing, pulling away and braking to the point where I don't have to think about it too much so that when I mingle with traffic I can focus on my road position and everyone else who is out there to try and kill me!! :grin:

    I will mainly be commuting to work on the bike (~15km each way) but hope to do some weekend riding with others and also some light trails.

    I am going to have a few stupid newbie questions for a while so please be kind to me. :oops:

    - Adam

  2. Hi Adam,

    Are you going to make it to one of the coffee meets? You will enjoy netrider the most if you step out of cyberworld and join us for some rides and coffee meets.

    They are very kind to newbies here, I know from experience.

    Enjoy your bike.
  3. Welcome to NR and the Wonderful World of Two Wheels Adam !
    I, too, was a late recruit. I mainly commute about the same distance as you each day. My Advice ... try to ALWAYS take the bike ( leave the car ), and ride in MOST weather conditions if possible. You only gain confidence with experience. Do the klms.
    There are alot of great tips and advice here from the more experienced riders .. so take heed :wink:
  4. I do hope to make it to some meets when I get some more confidence with my riding! :)
  5. Thanks for the welcome Vinnie!

    When I get more confident with the basic controls I will be commuting daily as the main reason for getting a bike was to free the car up for my wife to use. Hopefully my first rain ride won't put me off the whole idea!!

    I am working my way through some of the forums at the moment, there sure is a lot of good advice. Also there are a number of people at work who ride so I don't feel alone.

    - Adam