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Hello from a new Ninja recruit

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Joel S, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    My name's Joel and I come from Sydney's Northern Beaches. I've just got my first bike, a yellow 1993 model Kawasaki ZX2R and i'm loving it. It's great to ride and learn on, and it shouldn't be long until I have the confidence to open it up :twisted:

    I've been lurkng on the site for a few months now, taking in as much info as I can. There sure is alot of knowledge here and i'll be hanging around to learn more and hopefully to go on a few rides with some of you in the future! :cool:


  2. Welcome to NR :)

    Welcome to the green side of the force :twisted:

    Enjoy your bike, but learn from your mistakes early so that you can continue to enjoy your kwaka for a loooong time :) ...or better yet, learn from our mistakes.

  3. Thanks, reading some of the things that have happened definetly makes me more aware, but like you said, i'll learn from my mistakes and hopefully still hve a mint kwaka when I get my full licence :LOL:

    I've been more than happy just cruising around under 6k rpm while getting the hang of it, it's just there's so many more revs left to use :shock:

  4. Hey Joel,

    Welcome! I am relatively new here too and am yet to do the Learners course :grin:

  5. once you go to the green side..there is no turning back :wink:

  6. Hi munch,
    Thanks for the welcome, I did my learners course back in September, got my L's in December, and got my bike to start riding 2 days ago :LOL: Been heaps busy but now uni's going back, I should have time to get into it. Good luck for when you do the course, it's a great fun and teaches you heaps.

  7. Thanks buddy :grin: I cant wait!
  8. Hi Joel,
    Welcome and check out the Wednesday night coffee meet at Terry Hills, on next Wednesday, 6:30PM for a quick ride, or 7PM for a chat and food.
  9. Welcome Joel !
  10. G'day Joel, and nice bike.
  11. welcome to netrider phil.

    there is only one joel :p
  12. :rofl: :rofl:
    For a second there I thought you'd lost the plot
  13. you say that as though i ever had "the plot" :LOL:
  14. Jeez, I hope your not like all the Joel's I know. If you are, God have mercy on our souls. :rofl:

    [​IMG] Wlecome to NR :cool:
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

    I'll definetly check out the coffee meets soon, i'll let you know :)

    Haha, well I guess there's 1 more Joel here to put up with :LOL:

  16. Hey Joel(2), welcome to NR from another ninja rider! :grin:
  17. Welcome :)

    I'm in narrabeen, I'll keep a look out for a yellow ninja sporting Ls :)

    If you're keen for a L friendly cruise and perhaps bit of advice let me know, uni + work leaves me alot of time :LOL: