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Hello from a new Brissy Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Brissy_Rider, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Long time listener, first time caller here 8-[
    My name is Damian and I am a 42 yo bloke from Brisbane.
    Just about to purchase my first bike in 12 years and get back into riding. I have missed it so much!!
    Unfortunately I let my NSW riders licence expire many moons ago, so I have had to go through the LAMS process from scratch, but I am doing my Qride this weekend and getting my P's.
    I really look forward to being a part of this forum, and I hope to meet / ride with some of you as soon as the bike is purchased.
    I am tossing up between a Yamaha FZ6R, or a Kawasaki Ninja 650RL.
    One of these should do me for a few years until I am back in the swing of riding and ready to move up to a one litre machine.
    Well dont be shy, come and say hi.
    Ride safely all.

  2. Hi Damo, welcome to Netrider :)

    that 'letting the license lapse' thing is a bear, isn't it? My wife let hers go and even though she'd love to ride again she'll never go thorugh the whole process that's required now.....
  3. Gday Paul, thanks for the welcome.
    Yeah, I am totally bummed at having to jump through all the hoops, but you know, after a 12 years absence I think it's probably a good thing that I do the Qride course, just to get my bearings back and feel comfortable again. After all, the last time I owned / rode a bike you had to kick start it ha ha ha
    No point in being another statistic.
    I am just waiting on pre approval for my loan then I am going bike shopping, woo hoo. Can't wait :)
  4. Hi Damo. what suburb are you in?
  5. Welcome, and welcome back.
  6. Hi Brissy_Rider,

    Where are you from? ;)

    Welcome to the forummm.
  7. Welcome to NR!
  8. Thanks again all for the welcomes. I think I am going to enjoy this forum :)

    I am in Bulimba guys, and I work in Sth Brissie. Anyone around that area?
  9. Welcome Brissy rider.. What a prick that you have to do all that license stuff again. Good luck with it.
  10. Thanks Voltage, yeah, a bit of a bummer, but I probably need it after 12 years out of the scene.

    Good news all. My loan just got approved, so a big bike shop coming for me next weekend. Wooo hooo

    Any one want to tag along, or have any good Yamaha dealer contacts? I think I am sold on the FZ6R
  11. Hey mate, welcome to the forum.

    I live in Chermside but work in Cannon Hill.
  12. Hey Crest, thanks for the welcome. Im up at Cannon Hill all the time, but cant say I get over the Northside much, apart from going up the Hwy to sunshine coast.
  13. G'day mate, welcome back.

    I'm a Runcorn boy these days. Nice to see you back in the wind. They go around corners a bit better than they used to, but we don't bounce as good, and the drivers are just as blind. All the good roads are getting old and bumpy, and they're not building them any more... It's still heaps of fun but.
  14. morningside, here , but there are riders all over the south side.

    Keep an eye on qld rides if your interested in saying hi
  15. Well. Just finished day 1 of the 2 day Q-ride course. It was awesome! I can't recommond HART (Honda Australia Rider Training) at Slacks Creek Qld enough. Great instructor. The Honda CB250's all in excellent condition, practically new! Just a really good day on a fun little bike. Can't wait for tomorrow :)
  16. Last time I peeped through the gate, they were using CT110s. That was last week. I didn't know they also had CB 250s. Excellent.
  17. Yeah mate, they had scooters there, VT250's, a CB400, and some Viper 600's. A pretty cool fleet for training.

    Well I am now on my RE opens, so I went and............ BOUGHT A BIKE YESTERDAY, woooo hoooooo.

    I can hopefully pick it up before the weekend.

    I ended up getting the Yamaha FZ6R, there is just something about that bike that floats my boat. It fits me perfectly, and it's such a smooth ride. I will post a proper review of it once I get it and have owned it and ridden it for a few weeks :)
  18. Yeah, the fazza's a nice little bike. I think you'll love it.

    Looking forward to the review. I wrote a massive one for the 14.

    Give me a heads-up when you're going out - I might be able to join you.