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Hello from a N00b

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mobius_mind, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Hiya everyone,

    Thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself.

    I've recently moved to Melb from Perth (originaly from Sydney)... current steed is a Kwaka ZX12R ... Been riding since 89 so I'm not quite so crazy as the bike might imply... or does that make me more crazy?? :)

    Did a quick spin up Mt Dandenong w/end before last & I must say I need to get some serious practice on some real corners :) Living in Perth spoilt my cornering skills! (Other than that, its a great place).

    Anyway, nice to meet you all - I'm sure I'll go to one of the meets or rides sometime soon :)

  2. Welcome aboard and enjoy the site.... 95% of the time it is fun and 5% of the time, a little weird. The people are nice and the rides are always fun......

    Now, if you want to get some practise in, COME TO COFFEE TONIGHT and also come along the Merimbula ride this weekend....
  3. 'Tis chillier in Melbourne, but with better curves for sure.
    Welcome aboard mate, see you on a ride soon.
  4. Better curves, nearly? Are we still talking about roads, or Friday night in the middle of the Elizabeth St fashion shops???
    Yeah, mobius, come to Merimbula, you know you vant to.... (as that silly VW advert says)
  5. Welcome aboard mobius_mind :D
  6. Mobius mind - watch out for Lyrebirds & echidnas (at least the echidnas are not airborn!) OH - and bloody idiots who can't stay on their side of the road. Common occurence up here!!!!! :x
  7. Gday Mobius. You are obviously a very wise man. What year is the 12? What mods have you done too her?

    Cheers 8)
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome ppls... will look into the coffee tonight and the ride too :)

    Hmmm echidnas? now thats something I don't normally think about... wombats maybe... someone going to warn me about the dropbears next? ;) hehe

    Seriously though, it is wise advise... me no wanna come to grief due to not watching out for the local fauna.

    Hmm the ZX is a 2k model - done about 26k - 11 of them are mine. I picked it up around August last year. As to mods, its got an aftermarket paint job (purply black), a devil pipe & a little bit of minor tweaking upstairs... not that this rider is nearly capable enough to utilise the machine even stock std :)

    It's a nice bike with some funny quirks - I had planned to go for a later model, but fell in love with this one... you know how it is? :)
  9. Purply Black (CSR) like the 03 model. Well that paint job will add a few extra clicks to the top end :shock: :wink:

    There are a few 12 riders on here now. About 6-8 of us. Only 6-8 with taste :wink:

    Cheers 8)
  10. oh yes, the colour definitely adds to the top end! hehe hmmm and ment to say... dunno bout wise... wizened might be more apt ;)

    I don't know about the Merimbula Ride... mighty short notice :/ If it was a day ride, I'd say for sure!

    Will drop by for a coffee at some stage tonight :) Will be a wee bit damp though (looking out the window) Stupid me left my plastic pants at a friends place last night.
  11. Howdy! Welcome to the dark side...er forums. :)
  12. Welcome to forum! Straightjackets to fit all!
  13. Welcome to the KAOS!!! Hope to see you out and about on some rides soon
  14. Thank you... thank you all :D

    Was goodly to meet some of you at the coffee meet.

    I'm sure I'll meet the rest of you soon enough...

  15. Welcome aboard :D

    Stay safe

    Lisa 8)
  16. hi mobious, enjoy your stay.