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Hello from a n00b in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gundy, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    My name is Dave. I'm thirty-something, live in Melbourne, work in IT, have been riding pushbikes for a while, but I'm new to powered 2-wheelers (~2 months and 1,000km so far). I'm currently riding a VTR250.

    I'm reasonably mechanically minded. I had a project car that rebuilt when space wasn't at a premium, but downsizing houses has meant that a bike now makes more sense as a means to satisfy my mechanical curiosities, allow me to have a bit of fun with friends, and help out with commuting requirements. My wife graciously allowed this to happen, so here I am.

    I haven't had too many "oh-^%$#" moments yet. Riding the pushbike through and around Melbourne has taught me to treat all fellow road-users as potential threats, and I tend to ride pretty cautiously while surrounded by traffic.

    A couple of the things that currently scare me the most are riding at highway speeds, especially with cars close behind, and riding in the rain. I think the latter is about not having a safe way of knowing where the limits of traction are, and how much the rain has affected things. As a consequence I tend to really nana things. I guess that's probably a good thing for a learner.

    I'm hoping to come out to the Saturday learners session to say hello, and brush up on the skills. I really appreciate the fact that a forum like Netrider exists, and look forward to meeting some of you.

  2. Welcome Dave, what part of Melbourne are you in?
  3. Welcome Dave :)
  4. Welcome to NR Dave.
  5. I'm currently in Flemington .. I have noticed that there seem to be a few meet-ups happening reasonably close-by, so might be up for cruising along to some of those too. :)

    Thanks for all the greets. You seem like a friendly lot :)
  6. Gundy, I'll be at the Moreland rd 'on ramp' side at around 8:40m if you want to turn up and meet some folks we go to brekky in st kilda before the 10am start, welcome to meet up there. will leave that spot 8:40am.. cheers Goddie PS: I'd be the daggee one riding in one of those orange safety vests, warns others to stay away as I aint much of a rider lol
  7. Welcome to NR & to motorcycling. A 30-something dude here myself and just want to tell you how excellent these Saturday sessions are.

    Hope to see you tomorrow. It looks like a good day so just come down & say Hi!
  8. Thanks for the offer - I'm definitely keen to catch up for breakfast, but I think I might aim to meet you in St Kilda, and take the back roads rather than taking the Citylink. Confidence is still lacking a little (hence the desire to come along to the learner sessions!) :)

    I'll be the guy in the red/white/black jacket and white/black helmet with the black VTR.

    Thanks and see you tomorrow,
  9. Just read your name. We got about 20 Dave's there. Hehe.