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Hello from a 50+ year old newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by HB, May 14, 2009.

  1. Hi all

    Yep I've finaally gone & done it. I got my Learners a few weeks ago and purchased a 2000 Virago. My 20 year old daughter got her learners on the same day. I never told my son or family members until after. When I dragged the old push bike out for a little bit of balance practice before the learners course my sister told me I was too old for that nonsense. Imagine her response when I told her about the learners. All in all though most people have been positive.

    I did have a couple of "incidences" though doing the learners. The first I just fell off sideways and discovered what it was like to be winded. Will never complain about my footy players when they don't get back up staright afterwards any more.

    The second fall was more spectacular, involving going off the course, running into a snall tree and kissing the concrete wall with the side of the helmet. My daughter had a couple of falls as well so we became known as the stunt riders of the group.

    The instructors suggested I switch to a scooter. My ribs, legs and most other things were hurting more than my pride so I completed the course on a scooter, but I did get my learners.

    So I think I better stick close to home & get plenty of practice on the bike before venturing too far.

    So if you see a little old lady with her Virago on its side it's probably gonna be me. So please stop & help or just say hi.
  2. welcome
    interesting start
    take it real easy out there bro..
  3. Welcome to the little old lady on the Virago :).

  4. bro???? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    u mean sista lol

    welcome to the boards :)

    im also guessing your Ashleigh's (skenasis) mum?
  5. Welcome :grin:

    I also ride ( well try too :oops: ) a Virago ...

    Enjoy :LOL:
  6. Welcome to NR
    53 aint old either !

  7. She is indeed.

    Since I'm here...hello and welcome, mum! :p
  8. Apart from Woodsy (where the heck is Woodsy?) and Woodsy Jun I can't think of another parent/child pair on Netrider...

    Oh, yeah, Kittiminx and her dad.....

  9. Wondered if anyone would get the connection - didn't want to embarass her. Yep I am.

    It will be interesting to see how long it is before we fight over who gets to ride the bike. I think I'll just have to pull rank.

    btw isn't it time you put that pokemon game away. I know it came out today, but 1st semester exams are closing fast. Hang on, I should be able to get quite a bit of mileage over the old "shouldn't you be studying for exams, you've got plenty of time to ride during the holidays".
  10. Welcome HB,
    and its not fair to pull rank
    Enjoy the virago and stay upright
  11. Welcome
    50+ and on the internet :grin: my parents cant even use the computer.

    Im sure any NR here is willing to stop and help out
  12. Dougz and Peanuts.

    Welcome HB.

    Get yourself to a decent car park and practice, practice, pratice. Perhaps find a mentor near home. Search the forum for the "Mentor" thread.
  13. The photo's close, but my bikes not a chopper.
  14. Wish I was 53 again :cry: Take it easy, stay safe but above all else have fun :!:
    Oh - and enjoy NR as well :!:
  15. HB Welcome to NR. LOL (little old lady) huh? Nah you're not! I got my opens at 54 and presently ride a Suz. GSR600. So go the tomboy er Virago and remember to keep the paint up and rubber down. Get lots of practise and good on ya kiddo ... push the envelope. The 50s are the new 30s so you've got plenty of years of riding yet to experience and enjoy. Go you good thing :wink:

  16. Went & got some practice tonight. Wasn't confident in driving to the car park but fortunately my daughter was up to it, so followed her in the car. Then spent just over an hour doing laps and turns etc. Because I did the learners on a scooter need extra time to get used to gear changes, not staling and just staying upright. Had tried in our street earlier today but as there are speed humps & it's quite hilly was a bit hard.

    Still managed to lay the bike on it's side, but only once. I stopped when a car was reversing Realised when I panic I forget to put my feet down. Guy in car came over and helped me though.

    Feel a lot better for the outing, even if I only got up to 3rd gear. But managed turns ok and taking off in first gear. Think I'll be spending quite a few nights in the car park taking baby boomer steps.