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Hello. Finally I am a learner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kingsley 1972, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Hi guys and Gurls i joined this forum a few weeks ago looking for any info i could find.
    I am pround to say i got my Learners today and now feel i can ask some questions. Firstly i am 43 years old and living in Victoria I was looking at a Yamaha Vstar but after my intro ride and then doing my learners i have decided a lighter bike will be plenty for now. I have not ruled out a cruiser later though i just had too much fun on the 250 i got to ride. A Honda vtr 250 is looking like a big possiblity right now but i have not looked at one yet only looked them up on the internets. Thats it from me i am going to do some reading now.

  2. Choose carefully, young one...

    I can say that, cause I'm 46

    First bike purchase. Always an exciting event. Good luck, making an informed choice.
  3. G'day and welcome, KingsleyKingsley. Congratulations getting your Learner rider licence!
  4. Congrats on passing! There is so much to read... and watch on YouTube.
  5. 43 years young!
    check Motorcycle Ergonomics to see how you may fit in different bikes, and the riding position.
    VTR250 may not suit a taller rider, but are good bikes
  6. Thanks for that i will go have a look. I am 170cm tall too.
  7. I guess it's more leg length than height really :)
    But you can change inseam length on that site to see the effect
    It doesn't tell you if bike is comfotable or not, so still need to put bum on seats
  8. Welcome to NR and congrats on your L's. Good luck on your search for your bike
  9. Welcome to NR...Ride On!
  10. welcome aboard :] congrats on getting your Ls
  11. Welcome Kingsley,
  12. Thanks guys. I just put a deposit on a 2009 Suzuki Gladius should be in my hands by the end of the week.:woot:
  13. Well done, mate. You don't waste much time.

    The Gladius is a tidy handler, by all accounts. Enjoy.
  14. Congrats on the L's.

    And the bike...Welcome to the forums..

    Come on down to the Saturday practice sessions one of these weekends..
  15. welcome to NR Kingsley, as mentioned above get in to saturday practice sessions, if you need an escort in just jump onto the page and ask for someone to let you tag along. It's worth getting and and have the 'old' blokes share the knowledge and skill that very well may save your hide.