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Hello Fellow Riders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BRNS, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, my names michael and im from the sydney area:LOL: just like to say hello to all members of this forum, just registered and loving it:p im not a bike owner yet but planning to buy one soon hopefully a ninja 250 :grin:
    anyways riders have a great day, god bless

  2. W-w-w-welcome! Gonna get a shiny new Ninja or an older recent one? Or an oooold one? There's a 1994 Ninja for sale I have my eye on in my area. Nice bikes! :)
    And a wonderful day to you too!
  3. Welcome Michael, hope you find a nice bike. Enjoy the ride.
  4. thankyou tildette & mr sanders, ill probably be buying a brand new one from a local dealer, 2012 model in black :)
  5. Welcome. I can recommend the ninja. I'm a new rider on a black '09 model and its great fun and very forgiving. They are a bit grumpy when they're cold though.

    Oh, don't leave it in the sun... black gets fricking hot :s
  6. welcome mate enjoy it
  7. Welcome to NR. (y)
  8. cheers for the warm welcome fellas, much appreciated :)
  9. Welcome to NR BRNS (y)
  10. welcome to NR
  11. Welcome. I'm not from your area but there are always great experiences to be had riding. Enjoy.