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Hello fellow Netriders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Charms, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Hi i am a newbie to the netrider forum im from sydney about to book in to do the riders course to get my L's and in the process of looking for a learner bike :)

    can anyone recommend a L's approved bike to learn on?
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  2. Welcome Charms to the forum and soon to riding. Check the link that Mcsenna has given and plug your height into the site Motorcycle Ergonomics to see if it suits you for seating positions etc.
  3. thanks for the info will have a read of it :)
  4. Welcome to NR..
  5. Welcome! I'm planning on getting my Ls soon too.

    Good luck in your quest of finding a bike! From what I've gathered from others, your first few bikes will be mistakes anyway. ;)
  6. Na!!! It will be just the start!!
    Welcome here!
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  7. welcome aboard :)
  8. Never, I love my first bike.
    And welcome Charms
  9. I stand corrected!
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  10. Welcome CharmsCharms lots of info here that will make a big difference to your experience. Have fun in this first stage it's a time you won't forget.
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    Howdy and welcome to NR. :) I still love my first bike despite the fact that it was a mistake. .
  12. No point asking what bike to get. You need to look at various bikes, sit on them in the riding position, see how well you reach the ground etc etc. That is the only way to get a bike that won't be a mistake. Think about your needs for the bike, commuter? weekend rides only?, both? Need to carry luggage?
    All of these questions are the things you should be asking yourself, and then start ruling out the bikes that won't fit your needs.

    As an example, I'm currently teaching a girl to ride, she just got her L's, and because her friend went and bought a new Ninja 300, she loved the look of it so did the same. After having it lowered as much as possible, she still can barely reach the ground on her toes, and barely reach the bars with her hands. I told her this isn't really the ideal bike for her, but she won't have it. The salesman who sold it to her should be shot, so don't trust bike shop salesmen either...
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  13. welcome to Netrider Charms!
  14. Welcome!!!
    Don't worry about trying to find a bike you think you'll have for life! Go for what u feel comfortable on at the moment! As your skills develop so will your taste in bikes! :)
    I started on a Ninja 300 and am now on a Honda CB400 (both LAMBS approved) but I doubt the journey will end there ;-)
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  15. Welcome CharmsCharms sit on a few and see how you feel but until you actually ride it , it is hard so I hate to say it but I bought on impulse :shy:

    I got a Ninja 300 and I loved that bike in an indecent way. A little bit sporty but could be lowered (I am not sure how small that person is in TWEETTWEET post above) but I am a rotund 5'1" and the bike was lowered perfectly. They altered the back suspension and put risers on. I can flat foot with both feet on the ground.
    I did 16000km on wasabi.
    I think that it is shoddy lowering TWEETTWEET not necessarily a bad bike choice. I would get her to take the bike back and get what she paid for. Terry Hayes did mine.
    If this person is that short that a ninj with truly max lowering can't be ridden, sounds like they would almost need a minibike ;)
    Now I have a Z1000 and it can be lowered sufficiently for my short lard arse as well. :D
  16. thanks for the replies :D i will test some bikes in the next month im thinking cruiser type as the sports bike will be uncomfortable for me. ill be doing the L 's course at loftus as its closer than some of the other riders course locations.

    anyone here live near the shire / St.George area that is learning??
  17. CharmsCharms - please head on over and join the Netrider Learner sessions held at Home bush every Sat at 13:00. (See separate thread under events, nsw). Lots of learner bikes to look at, sit on (after asking off course) and talk to the owners about. Might help you decide on what you need
  18. oh thanks! i will have a look this forum is confusing me hahahaha