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hello everyone

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by maddog, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. hello all :) I am long time reader first time poster here. I was out of the saddle for a while ( 6 years), decided i wanted to ride again, bought a cx500, then decided after all these years i should get my licence :oops: did the Q ride, now i am riding a cbx750f and she is a great ol girl. Thoroughly enjoying myself out riding :) Here is a pic of my little girl, she is dirty in the pic but not now, all shiney :cool:

  2. Hello to you too! :grin:

    The pic doesn't work. There's no need for the "" Just right click on the image and...: :) Hey, it works now, no matter. :grin:
  3. welcome to netrider you in bris ?
  4. Hey mate, is the Q ride a worthy thing to do? my wife is going to do it soon.
  5. welcome
    but what is a q ride?
  6. Q ride is a Queensland Australia training program designed to educate riders getting there motorcycle liencse to be able to ride a decent size motorcycle straight off instead of getting there learners and being restricted to 250cc
  7. thats good
    i like that idea but its a power to weight thing yeah?
  8. I heard the Harley shop in Queensland, Wacker and Morgan initiated that idea, as a way of getting more bums on Hogs.
    Having seen numerous people start off on Harleys in the USA when I was there I cannot recommend starting on a bike with massive weight and large engine capacity.
    Imagine having a Fat Boy Harley as your learner bike, or worse yet a Hyabusa!
  9. hey all, so many replies already :shock:

    Hey bugcatcher,
    Q ride was pretty good, they take you through the basics and some emergency braking procedures, quick turns etc like going around pot holes or around a dog or something like that etc. I just did the evaluation side of it and i thought it was fun :) I did mine through team moto down moss street. Basically Q ride allows you to get unrestricted bike licence straight off the bat if you have held your car licence for 3 years i think it is and you have a motor bike learners permit. No power to weight deal troy :wink:

    I am in brisbane Dante

    hey seany, thanks, yeah i worked it out, first i posted and then did not show up, after the 5th attempt she worked :oops:

    definately Jaqhama! Its scarey when i hear about people who do the Q ride, never riden in their life and go out and buy an R1 as their first bike :shock: I know one person who did do this, its now for sale and surprisingly in one piece still :shock: I think he scared himself and now doesn't want to ride no more. I offered him my bike and $300 but he said no :oops: :LOL:
  10. dammm
    thats a good idea and a bad one as well...
    starting biking on a R1....it could be very scary :shock:
  11. Welcome maddog.
    Queensland would certainly be conducive to happy riding. :)
    Have fun riding and stay safe. :grin:
  12. Hi there and welcome maddog!!

    :grin: :grin:
  13. Welcome!

    It's amazing how much background info you learn on netrider..

    Easily the most effective & efficient piece of safety equipment I have invested in!
  14. definately troy, i mean i would love an R6 but an R1 :shock: I have been riding motor bikes all my life on and off (thinking about it, probably more off than on hehe) , but i would not be in a big rush to get onto one of those monsters.

    Thanks pink angel, you too!

    hi Lids :grin:

    I have gone through so many posts on here cam77 and your not wrong, a lot of good stuff on here :grin:
  15. N.T has a similar program. Do a M.E.T.A.L course and you can get an unrestricted power licence. Still have pillion and booze restrictions for first year though.
  16. i dont remember the guy at Qride telling me about the pillion passenger for a year? probably is right but i am a selfish rider, i like to have the bike to myself ;)
  17. Fo' shizzle.

    Thats how i am on my VFR. :)

    Only a couple of weeks to go now and i lose all restrictions. I think i'll have to pcik up the rate of cruising for hotties. :p