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Hello everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jaz_13, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. My names jasmine,
    I have no idea how to do this forum stuff (sorry)
    Im here because ive recently bought a project bike (yamaha r6) and im struggling to find parts and people who i can get info from about them and make new bike friends. I like my sports bikes the most and do the occasional off road dirt.

    Ive ridden since i could walk. I have a full licence and my last bike i owned was my ducati monster that i travelled around Oz on, i have since sold that bike as i picked up a new job that i needed a nice car for (sigh) and couldn't find time to ride.
    Im newcastle based but once my bike is up and going willing to ride anywhere for a meet and greet etc.
    So if you have any advice on teaching to use this whole forum thing please send me a message or uhh whatever it is that happens.
    Thanks for reading

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  2. Welcome aboard. Once a few people like your post you'll be able to put pictures up, and when you become a little more active you'll have more options for posting etc.

    There's a forum rules section (I've never read it - "try not to be a dick head" seems to be a pretty good rule to follow).

    I'd reckon there's some pretty hardcore r6 owners on bike specific forums (I was looking to do an r6 throttle tube mod on my firestorm recently and came across a few r6 forums with some gnarly one eyed Yamaha owners haha) but there's a wealth of information on here from a bunch of people all over the place, and this is my first and sometimes my only stop when I need something - someone round these parts usually has the answer.
  3. Thanks ☺
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    Another newy member welcome !!
    Get that R6 going and got on it , how big a project is it ?
    Theres a meet and great at maccas at Broadmeadow this Saturday I'm pretty sure you could bring a nice car and just say gday to fellow bikers if your interested
  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. Yeah and what year model? If it's a carb one and you're going to attempt a quickshifter I'm very interested to see your route in this regard. I'm so keen for one on the firestorm and I found a few helpful links (actually one on an r6 forum coincidentally, I'll see if I can find the page...) buy the prices they are asking for prefabricated units are absurd so I think I'm going to have to knock one up myself
  7. Welcome, jasmine. I can't help you with R6 bits, but there is a fair few Newcastle and environs riders here these days and they might be able to help.
    (I'm an old Novocastrian and surroundings area, by the way, I grew up in Boolaroo, then spent two more years a few years later in Tahlee, north of Newcastle, and then seven years + in Denman, so I know the area well!)
  8. Welcome! :cool:
  9. gday Jaz_13Jaz_13 and welcome to NR - glad to see you took my advice! heaps of Novocastrians on this site so when you're back on two wheels you'll find plenty of riding buddies. post up some pics of your project when you can so we can all have a look.
  10. Welcome to the forum!
  11. Thanks guys,
    Its a 1999 r6 so yes carby, not sure on what im going to do to it.
    Not to much work, it has a horrid paint job on it (pictures to come tomorrow) engine wise, just a clean up really, nithing to extreme to get it to ridable stage, and i do want to come to this meet and greet but i have to get my rabbit microchipped that morning (worlds best excuse right?) But its actually what im doing. Haha
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  12. With your permission I'm going to use that excuse (not saying yours is not valid) in future.
  13. Well if my firestorm quickshifter works you can be one of the beta testers :p
  14. What a wascally excuse.

    There will be other meet ups for sure
  15. Haha, yeah its a funny excuse but microchippimg a rabbit is hard work, but msybe he can just tag along to the meet and great
  16. Welcome Jasmine :), I don't own a rabbit but I may end up voting for a dopey one on Saturday... :)
  17. Ive heard these r6s have xommon gear box problem, as far as i could see and feel i didnt fibd anything wrong with it, but i may need to change gearboxes and maybe get a quickshifter
  18. 'getting my rabbit chipped' is that a euphemism for something else? :eek:
  19. Welcome Jasmin!