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Hello everyone!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Big-T, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone!

    My name is Tim, I live in Sydney, am 27 years old and have recently found my passion / fallen in love with riding motorcycles!

    Riding was always something which interested me growing up but I never got around trying it out. Mid last year I found myself obsessively watching motovlogs on YouTube, talking with some friends about getting bikes and trawling bikesales for a starter bike. One morning I woke up, bit the bullet and set everything into motion... now I have been riding everyday for 4 months and never looked back!

    I am really look forward to attending the MOST practice at Homebush this coming weekend to meeting some other riders and improve my riding skills.

    Cheers and ride safe all,
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  2. Welcome :D

    The guys at Homebush are fantastic :)
  3. Welcome Tim - the tri colour looks sweet
  4. Welcome to Bikes & Netrider Tim. Nice choice of bike.
  5. Hey! That's great to hear, counting down the hours! :D
  6. Hi Lionz! Thanks, Im in love with her tri colour too.

    Same can be said for your Repsol colours and matching orange wheels! :)
  7. I'm open to offers - you don't even have to be off your P's ;)
  8. Hi tim, and welcome :)
    Homebush practice sessions are awsome with great guys to guide you.
  9. Hello Tim, nice to have you along.
  10. Welcome Big-TBig-T
    nice bike..pity about the colour;)
  11. Welcome to NR..
  12. Welcome Big-T :)
  13. welcome aboard :)