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Hello Everyone. I'm new-ish

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sykes, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone I am a new member I have been riding a bike since1990.

    Live in Melbourne

    Started with Yamaha DT 175 in 1990... Took that to the GoldCoast and Adelaide twice.(I was 21 ! )
    It was stolen from uni ...Grrrrrr.

    Bought a Kawasaki EL250 in 1998. Loved that bike. A mate wrote it off in 2006 when he was hit by a surgeons secretary driving her bosses merc.

    In 2010 I got a CB400 . Love it and still have it.

    12 months ago I found another EL250 for the OH but she got pregnant and hasn't ridden it.

    Very cool to find such an informative and friendly site.
    I'm not technician at all so I think I will really benefit from being a member.

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  2. Welcome aboard sykessykes.
  3. Welcome. Just joined myself. Looks like a good place to hang out.)
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  4. welcome aboard :] Love the choice of rides :]
  5. G'day and welcome to NR, sykessykes.

    A number of people I went to school with in the early Nineties got their Ls on DT175s, they were and still are a great bike. I'm also not surprised that you never want to part with your CB400; they are also exceptional bikes.
  6. Cheers and thanks for the welcome hyperspex , trput , Jeffco and XJ6N
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  7. Welcome to NR..
  8. Welcome sykessykes lots to learn on here and the odd bit of mischief as well!
  9. Welcome Sykes,
  10. Muchus Gracias : LazyLibran,OldMaid,and Stever42.

    Looking forward to learning and a bit of mischief!
  11. Tha
    Thanks BitSar....

    By the way , what's the deal with being a premium member ?
  12. Have you been on any rides with Netrider members ?
  13. Welcome to NR. Enjoy your 400 Honda.
  14. 'Premium' members means you've paid a once off $10 fee (more like donation) to support the maintenance of the site.

    There are no additional features other than feeling warm and fuzzy inside.
  15. Welcome sykessykes , great choice in bike :)
  16. Your tag changes from puke yellow to Kudos Green and reads "Premium Member", that alone is worth the $10. :)
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  17. Haha Fair enough
  18. All the cool kids are doing it....