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hello everyone, im a noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by imsleepy, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. hello everyone, im steve, i got my Ls a week ago
    any ideas what bike i should get?, im pretty short, bout 165cm, thats like 5'5", thinkin of the rs250, but im thinking thats abit high for me
    anyways, anyone with advice and comments would be great
    catch yaz

  2. Welcome, Steve, pull up a chair and make yourself at home, don't mind the mess, sometimes it's even worse!!
  3. welcome. well done on getting ur L's. U should be fine of a rs250.
  4. thanks bro
    anyone with opinions of a bike i should get?
    i wanna spend about 5-6k
    im more into sports bikes
  5. thanks mate
    i really like the look of the rs250 but im scared of parts and stuff for it because they ain't made anymore, i was thinking a cbr250rr as well, but 10000 kz looks dodgy for a 95 model, and insurance is like 3k for all the bikes i want, any advice on what insurance company to go with people?
  6. ZX2R has a pretty low seat height. love the 4pot screamer too.

    Oh yes welcome sleepy head.
  7. Hey Steve, welcome.
    Get an Across. The are great for the vertically challenged and the boot has lots of advantages. :grin:
  8. Welcome Steve :grin:
  9. The insurance is a killer with all of the 250cc sports bikes.

    Either you buy a 250 sports/tourer like a ZZR250/GPX250/GT250R and don't pay so much insurance or you bite the bullet and wear the $3k a year for a sports 250.

    You have to decide if you want sporty and huge insurance or not sporty and cheap insurance.

    Personally I'd suggest having a look at a Hyosung GT250R :)
  10. Congats on the L's Steve and welcome to the site.
  11. You will find that most of the 250's will be withing your heights range, it's when you upgrade that the problems start, as I found. Choose a bike you feel comfy on but do try to sit on as many 250's as you can.
    But I will second what Rolla said, you can't go wrong with an Across :grin:
  12. Congrats, Steve! You and I are about the same height. I started with an Across, which was fine, but now I have a CBR, which is even smaller. +1 Flipper, pretty much any 250 should be fine for size. I was glad I started on the Across. It's less fuel efficient, but more predictable/forgiving to ride.
  13. I'm around 165cm too. Most 250s shouldn't be a problem, problems start if you are like me and have dreams of owning an R6 one day... :cry:
  14. +1 for Hyosung GT250R particularly for the cash you're talking about you could basically get a new one.
  15. thanks for the reply guys
    im going to go look at sum gear and some bikes today, hopefully i can find the right one, im dying to start riding
  16. Hi and welcome to the forum sleepy,

    Congrats on your Ls. And happy bike hunting :grin:

  17. Welcome & enjoy the bike shopping.