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Hello everyone I finally get my first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Denlo, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. It's a 09 ninja250. As a new rider, I am still pretty much feeling nervous on the tarmac. Would you guys please give me some advices or share some of your riding experiences? Anything will be helpful for a noob like me :?

  2. I would like to but I just not confident enough to go to homebush. I live in Kensington (near UNSW) and I am currently just riding around the backstreets. Still, not feeling well after my first ride on the road(6pm when people are going home). :?
  3. youll get the mate, just have confidence in yourself and have eyes all around your head
  4. just avoid peak hour traffic, and confusing roads. know exactly where you are going and go there. Maybe make your destination a car park or so so you can ride around to try different things and get a feel for your bike?

    Don't worry mate. you'll soon be pulling power wheelies through the traffic.
  5. Just get out and practice!!
  6. go out and practice :p

    do what you learn in the L's. take it steady.

    i think its important to not be scared of dropping it. i found after my crash, and a near miss a few months later, i was riding with the "oh shit dont wanna drop it here" which is just stuipid, puts you in a bad state of mind, and distracts you.

    get on the bike, ride it round streets near you you know well. then take it out a bit further... then further. you'll gte the hang of it and love it :)
  7. congratz mate

    atlesat u dindt get a hyoflung :D
  8. You will love it.

    Just choose off-peak daylight hours, you'll be fine. Read every thread in this section of the forum, and a few from General as well :)

    Theres a few good tips to be had from Youtube as well.
  9. Congrats on getting a bike! Many fun times ahead. Ride around familiar streets at quiet hours of the day, and go to an empty car park to learn slow speed manoeuvres. Take it easy, don't stress and have fun :wink:
  10. Hey Denlo,

    Welcome! Nice bike! what colour did you get?

    You'll pick everything up in no time, I was commuting to work (down Paramatta Rd and City West Link) within 3 weeks of getting my bike, I thought it would take a year to get there.

    I recommend reading this https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=36671 thread if you haven't, it will put everything into perspective for you.
  11. Thank you everybody. I'll try my best now. :shock: It's kind of difficult to find a large & empty car park around UNSW. Is La Perouse a good place for me to ride around?
    Oh by the way, My bike is in black. :grin: Thanks Cole for the useful link. :cool:
  12. Dont be pushed into riding where, when or how you dont feel comfortable.
    Take baby steps first and build some confidence and before you know it you wont be thinking twice. For some people thats days and for others its months or longer but being pushed or coerced oftend in tears.

    Good luck.
  13. congrats mate...ive had my bike for bout 3months and found the best thing to do is to take it easy and find a nice empty industrial area late at night to practice.
  14. hey!! nice!! i want one too!!

    mind telling me where how much you got it for? any extras thrown in??
  15. why oh why did you get a new bike lol. you better put something on to cover your paint or it'll all be gone soon! take it from a learner who's done her share of bike dropping and will probably do a bit more still.
  16. why oh why did you get a new bike lol. you better put something on to cover your paint or it'll all be gone soon! take it from a learner who's done her share of bike dropping and will probably do a bit more still.[/quote]

    I plan on getting a new bike too.... but ive also planned not to drop it
  17. hey that's so weird cuz that was my plan too!!! you'll be the first learner not to drop their bike, new or not.
  18. Expect to drop your bike and it will make the whole event easier to cope with when it eventually happens.

    Nice choice on the Kawasaki, you just need to get out and practise.
  19. hey mate i just got my bike (GPX250) 2 weeks ago as well...i live in maroubra (heaps close to kensington) and i go to unsw almost everyday too!
    if u want we could go for a ride together, i'm also just starting out and trying to get the hang of it, so it would be good for me to have a riding partner i rekn...

    let me know by email (dabeast04@hotmailDOTcom) --> (forum rules wont let me write .com coz i dont have 5 posts yet lol)