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Hello everyone! Great to be on board!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Nugddy, May 1, 2008.

  1. Just saying hi - actually been a member for several months now, but just started with the forum discussions.

    Thanks Sticky for the 'welcome wagon' words of wisdom! :grin:

  2. AHAHAHHA.. get out.

    Nah joking :LOL: .. but seriously... welcome :grin:
  3. Welcome to NR !!

    :LOL: phizog
  4. Yiasoo
  5. Hello everybody ...


    Thanks for the warm welcome! What can be said that hasn't been said of the consummate SV650! Great bike - hands-down.

    The SV's - Always nipping at my heals on the track at Road America in the corners - a superb ride with a bullet-proof - and proven power-plant. Don't sell it!
  6. Welcome to another Wollongonger :).
  7. Welcome ... another Wollongonger ...

    Thanks Hornet 600! Always nice to feel welcome! I can't call myself a 'real' Wollongonger - but I'm here (or there) just the same! :cool:
  8. welcome mate :D piccies
  9. Welcome mate!


    Thanks! Welcome also to NR! Ride safe - ride true ... :grin:
  10. Hi Mark and welcome to NR!

    Hope we'll see you on some NR rides soon :grin:
  11. Hi Mark, Matrix and I had lunch with you on the last HRCA ride. Good to see you on the forums here

  12. hi and welcome to NR
  13. Hi - and yes, I remember the lunch! Thanks for the warm welcome Belinda! Ride safe on that sterling CBR! :)
  14. Pegasus - thanks for the welcome! Yea, hope to see ya on the roads too!
  15. Thanks Bubbly - its great to be on board! :grin:
  16. Age ???

    Nugddy - are you really 2007 yrs old??? Never met a Methusala before!!!

    Safe & Happy Riding
    Di :wink:
  17. Welcome to netrider, where all the good riders go when they are not riding!

    Have fun.