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Hello Everyone & Few Questions

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Prashbn, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am new to the forum and new to australia and to Sydney. I have been riding motorcycle for more than 15 years and have done quite a few trips back in India. I have always been a yamaha and Vale fan(believe I am quite good in following Motogp, PhilipIsland is one main reason which motivated me to move to australia and I watched this year race in Philip island a dream come true for a person like me). Now I have got my L license and I will get a direct full license as I have a overseas license. I am planning to buy R6/R3 as my first bike here hopefully(damn I need to save some money and my partner need to agree). I have ridden R15 in the past and I am pretty sure it will not the same experience when I ride R6.

    I would like to meet R6 Community members before I make final decision, I have lot of questions

    First will I be able to handle 600cc
    I am 5'4 will i able to handle the heights.
    I am just over 64 kgs, will i be able to handle heights. you can say that dani perdrosa can handle such bike but they are trained people who lived their life for one reason Racing!!!
    I always wanted to go for a track day, Will i be able to hire a bike for track ride, possibly R6???

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  2. Welcome mate, pop down to your local Yamaha dealer and have a sit on an R6 - that should give you a rough idea of height. Your weight shouldn't be an issue. You can hire bikes for track days at some tracks, the Sydney NR's would be better placed than me to advise in that, and also what bikes are available.

    Enjoy your bike shopping!
  3. Thanks Mate, I will visit Yamaha dealer... I am really looking forward for my track day, let see how it goes.
  4. Chilli's response is best go and sit on one and see. Yo can do preliminary checks on the site Motorcycle Ergonomics
    If you can flat foot the ground when stopped in neutral you should be OK.

    Best to ring the people that run track days in Sydney to see what they have as an option for bikes. Sydney Motorsport Park have R6 for hire on track days

    Bike & gear hire | Sydney Motorsport Park Ride Days
  5. G'day PrashbnPrashbn, welcome to Netrider.
  6. Again, welcome! If it's any assistance I am 5'5 and ride a heavy (230kg) Honda nt650v (LAMS Deauville) tourer with an 815mm seat height.

    I am carrying a few kgs myself more than you though, as I weight about 78kg.

    Never really had an issue with riding it. And while I can scrape my way around the Homebush leaner sessions (thread on this site - good for brushing up on skills even if you don't need to do the test with your overseas licence), I would not want to do my actual test on it.

    But yeah, sitting on one gives you a pretty quick picture of how you feel on it. Good luck.
  7. Thank you cjvfr, I ring the sydney motorsport park and see.

  8. Thank you sure, I will take a look at the homebush learner sessions.