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Hello everybody

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by yaleman, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. I'm James, I'm pretty new to riding (got my license 24/06/08) but I'm reading everything I can find and listening a lot to others that'll tell me stuff :)

    Uh, I have a '91 ZZR600 that I picked up on eBay for two grand, it's a bit beaten up but works in most of the right places and I am learning to adjust or fix the rest. I'm in Brisbane and snail (another netrider newcomer) popped my Mount Nebo cherry a weekend or so ago :)
  2. Complete with police, leaf litter all over the road and a bacon and egg sandwich at the Maiala teahouse :grin: Next time, we do Samford valley downhill!
  3. Nearly the whole gang here.. :)

    Welcome! ;)
  4. Mmm... toasty sammiches. Don't forget the sticks under my front wheel every time I got my confidence up :D I think I'll have to do Nebo on my bike first :)
  5. So the ZZR600 passes LAMS does it? Interesting.
  6. Wouldn't know, I did Q-Ride before the laws changed so I went straight onto an unrestricted license :)

    Good thing too, you should see my 6'9" frame on a 250 :S
  7. haha :? I guess seat height is the opposite problem for you.

    It's gotta be hard to buy gear doesn't it? Or do you just put up with short sleeves and pant legs.
  8. Yeah, it's no fun.. but I found boots the other day, and a 3xl m2r jacket that fits in the arms... probably should get a little apron for my lower back though :p

    The life of a tall person *sigh* :)