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Hello everybody!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by wlad_br, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone, How you guys going? I hope you all are going well!

    I'm pretty new here in this forum but I used to be an active user in other forum and thank you to that forum I was able to be part of a big family in Brazil. I hope the same happens again.

    Well, this post is just to introduce myself so lets talk a little bit about me :)

    I'm a late 20's brazilian man living in Melbourne since last September.
    Originally, I didn't want to stay here for a long time and my intensions were just come and study English (that's why my English is still a shit. I know... it's getting better slowly :D) but I hadn't expected that Australia is such good country and I'd find a good job here. Now, I'm pretty happy here and I won't go back to Brazil (unless they kick me out).

    Recently, I've put myself in a mission to turn in an Australian citizen.
    And before I turn into an Australian, I need to know the Australia.
    So I thought, nothing better than hit the road!

    Thanks to Australia, couple weeks ago I realised my dream of having a sport bike.
    The first weeks were just to solve paperwork and getting confidence with the bike.
    Now, I guess I'm ready to go far and make a brand new family here.

    That's it guys. I hope see you all on the road.


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  2. Welcome to the forum, your post got hung up in moderation for a while. Your account has upgraded to Member now so you shouldn't have any more problems.

    Saturday Morning there is a practice session at Elwood which is also a good place to meet other Netriders. Often there is a group ride leaving there in the afternoon.
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  3. Welcome mate :cool:

    Nice bike :)
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  4. gday wlad_brwlad_br and welcome to Australia and NR! on behalf of all members here, and speaking from personal experience, I'd like to say that we are big fans of Brazilians around here!

    great looking bike you've chosen, love that undertail exhaust and the carbon fibre, very nice.
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  5. Hey mate welcome......nice ride.
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  6. Welcome wlad_brwlad_br , I don't know about Netrider helping you with your English but I'll guarantee within 2 month you'll be swearing with the best of them (y)
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  7. Welcome mate. That carbon looks great! I've been hunting for Jardine pipes for my firestorm for ages, I bet that sounds incredible. Anyway welcome aboard, great to see travellers getting on bikes here. Please be careful - Australian drivers are not very well trained to look for motorcycles (or bicycles or scooters, or anything that isn't a truck really), so make sure you stay alert.
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  8. Welcome, to Australia, and to our wonderful roads....
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  9. Thanks guys. I appreciate your words. It's always good be well received.

    The exhaust is amazing! If you close your eyes and listen the sound after few minutes it sounds like beethoven hahahaha
    And compared to Brazil, I can guarantee that the traffic here is wonderful. hahaha But anyway, I'll stay alert. Thanks for the tips Steve VtecSteve Vtec . :)

    cjvfrcjvfr Cool! I'll check it out.
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  10. Welcome to NR and welcome to Australia mate. :)
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  11. Oh I'm not talking about the traffic. I just mean in Brazil for example there's heaps of scooters on the road, but most of the drivers seem very well aware of that, not to say they drive accordingly, but they at least know there are things on the road other than cars. Here in Aus there's minimal driver training and even less driver awareness, so even if it looks like someone has seen you, it's better to behave as if they haven't...
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  12. Yeah, I know what you mean bro. Unfortunately this is a common problem all over the world. :(
    But thanks again for the tip.
  13. Welcome to NR wlad-br from Adelaide. I am glad that you have found us Aussie good enough that you want to join us. If you are going to ride through Adelaide PM me and I will give you a tour.
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  14. welcome aboard :)
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