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Hello everybody

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Russky, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Hi there people. Im from sydney and just picked up a banged up zxr250 for a song. Problem is, bikes been dropped, stator cover busted, oil's all leaked out. Seems to be a fuel leak too. Everything else is straight. Any advice?


  2. Hi there Russky. Welcome to Netrider. My advice would be to fix it mate!
  3. Haha absolutely. Picking up a stator from the wreckers this weekedn and getting spannering. Apparently, these bikes are really finnicky with carburetion and that, so well see..
  4. Welcome mate

    Hope you got that thing cheap as chips
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  5. G'day, get a jar of hand cleaner and get stuck into it.
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  6. Welcome mate, PM Crisis for all you Kawasaki knowledge. He's run more 250cc Kawa shitters than the rest of us put together.
  7. That's the fella.
  8. You need to get out more.

    Welcome to the forummm
  9. Ask them if you can give another song for them to take it back

    They are fcuking ****s once they start fcuking up - fix your stator cover issue and check your hoses and fuel Petcock - you'll probably have to charge the battery once you get all that shit done so spend the $30 on a charger

    Finicky is the fcuking understatement of the century

    God even hearing about a Zxr with those issues makes me want to go and kick mine over

    If worse comes to worst you'll have a good fire for a piss up once you drop a match in the fuel tank

    Alright that's enough bullshit rambling for now
  10. Lol haha wow what a rant. Sounds like you had quite a ride with them. Could I possibly pick your brains about it once I get going? Just dowloaded the service manual and keen to get started.

    Thanks for the replies everybody, fcukin awesome to see
  11. Mate, you live on Scotland Island. My good mate and my goddaughter live there! Best fukin place!
  12. So. Ripped the stator cover off, stator looked cool. Got the new one, put it on, filled oil. Checked carby and fuel filter, all sweet. Batterys dead so jump it, takes ages to get goin. Only goes with the choke, doesnt idle on its own. Blowin hellla smoke too, had us weezin haha.

    There appears to be some sort of hairline crack on the underside edge of the tank, steadily leaking. Wonder if i can get it pached somehow.

    So thats where its at. How does that sound?
  13. first and foremost - my zxr will NOT run unless i leave the choke on or hold the throttle open abit (as i dislike using the choke for extended periods anyway) so first question is did you let it run witht he choke on long enough and see if it settled into a idle or would it still just die? as for the tank - you could probably fix it....saying that you could probably get a tank from a wreckers for couple hundred and not have to worry about the patch job not holding up and biting you in the ass when your hundreds of kilometres from home

    obvious question here - what color was the smoke?

    also got pics? if not ...what model/year is it?
  14. Yeah, doesnt settle into idle. Had it running for a while, wouldnt rev even with the choke on - i was thinking maybe flooded. Havnt worked out what "prime" on the petcock means. Smoke is black - running rich? Had the battery charging overnight, will give it a shot today again.

    Its a C model, 1998. Cheers for the replies.