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Hello everbody

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Guest, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. My name is Daniel and I live not too far from Mooroopna I ride every day no mater what and being relatively new to the area I was hoping some locals could point out some roads that are good for a quick blast that aren't too far from home. I need some corners, all these flat straight roads are killing me and the centre of my tyres.
    Any help appreciated, thanks Daniel :grin:

  2. HiDaniel
    Who cares about ya tyres, square or round. just ride mate. :grin: :grin: JUST RIDE
  3. welcome aboard daniel.

    yes i must say the straight roads are boarding, doesn't do much for chicken stripes on new tyres either !
  4. i only ride on the freewa and ive gotten noe of my 'chicken' stripes off. gotta get te other one off too. maybe some angled dougghnuts will do the trick? :LOL:

    welcome aboard daniel.
  5. Dan, send a PM to Wild Violet, she's in Shep and top chick, think shes planing to organise some rides up your way
  6. Welcome Daniel.
  7. G'day Daniel, I live in numurkah and have found the run to kyabram is a good one (the back way from here).
    It'll take about an hour to do. Quite a few good corners but alas still flat as a tack. I joined the local riding group out this way and there is another couple of riders from your way with us. pm me if you want the details of our group rides if your interested.
    Have yet to meet wild violet yet but will soon on one of monthly rides i hope.
  8. Welcome Daniel. Don't you just hate it when the middle of the tyre is clapped out and there's still 10,000 kms on the edges???
  9. Hey Daniel, welcome to the forums :)
  10. Ahhhhh..... mooroopna.... what a lovely place to drive straight through. J/k.
    Anyways..... welcome. :grin:
  11. You can't drive straight thru Mooroopna, you gotta stop at the Ardmona factory :grin:
  12. :LOL: Its the only reason we go to Mooroopna IS to stop @ the factory.

    OH & welcome Daniel
  13. Hi there Daniel, you gonna have to move :LOL: welcome to the forum :)
  14. hello dan and welcome,
    if you want a 5 min twistie ride, the back road from morropna to shepp is good, but apart from that im still learning so dont know any good spots yet..
    countrycruiser is the wise one around our area.. :grin:
    the only trip im planning ATM is to nagambie for blades birthday on the 19th of august, your quite welcome to join me, the more the merrier!!
    if your out everyday youve probably already spotted me or vice versa.. what you ride?? wait spotted its cbr but you got pics? show us your baby :grin:
  15. And to say hello to the fine law enforcement up there..... especially the lovely highway patrol officers on saturday nights. :grin:
  16. thank very much for all the messages everyone and sorry to disapoint but due to the crappiest traffic light system in the country (apart from high st in shepparton, locals will no what I mean)you'll have to stop at every set of lights in the main street while driving straight through :LOL:
  17. as it would seem it's fortunate that i live about 15km out of town and I only have to ride "straight through" mooroopna to get to work :grin:
  18. Daniel, head out of Mooroopna on the Bendigo Road, take the last turning towards Tatura and then follow the road around Waranga basin back towards Murchison, that is about the only decent twisty bit in these parts. I did it last Sunday with a couple of mates and its not too bad a route at all, Pat
  19. Sounds like a plan, if the suns out like it was today I'll give it a go tomorrow(sun 13th).Anyone from Shepparton area up for a short notice blast around the basin??????????? :cool:
  20. Sorry Daniel but me and two mates are heading from Shepp to Euroa, then Merton, Mansfield and on to the Whitfield road today, catch you another time. If anyone sees three R1,s ( 05 blue, 05 Red and a 03 Red) give us a wave , Pat