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Hello - another new member greet thread

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Juan Angel, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Hey all; I am yet another new member of the Netrider forums :)

    I'm a genuine newbie, to both this site and bikes in general. I'm from Melbourne, 19 years old and I don't currently ride. I am interested in learning to ride and buying a bike, however, but I just don't know enough yet :?

    Hopefully these forums and its members will be able to provide me with some useful information.



  2. Welcome,
    Seek & you shall find.

    Ask away .....
  3. Thankyou,

    At the moment I am just trying to look through the forums and get a good idea of what I want to do. I'm trying to figure out what the best move for me is, in terms of learning to ride, affordably.

    I am looking at getting my licence as soon as possible, but I have no experience on a bike currently and I'm not so sure what to do at this stage. I don't know any family/friends who currently ride or have any experience with bikes that can help me out.

    If you have any suggestions for me, I'm always willing to listen :)
  4. welcome to netrider,

    you the search icon at the top of the page and it will bring up any information you may need, first thing to do those is book into stayup right or hart for a prelearners course no riding experience is neccessary.
    all the best
  5. Thanks for the advice - I have had a look at some of these courses and I did attend something similar previously, where I was taught the basics of switching the bike on and a few little more complicated things :p

    This was too long ago, however, and I cannot afford it at the moment. I'm running on a very tight budget and if there are any other opportunities to practise, I would like to look into these. For example, is it possible to learn to ride without a licence on private property? I don't really know what to expect, but I am reading a few things so hopefully I will pick it up.

  6. Welcome, Juan. If you can't find the answers here, the question hasn't been invented yet :LOL:.

  7. yeah thats perfectly legal providing you dont venture out on to the road, as long as you know someone with a propety too, don't wanna be done for treaspassing :LOL:
  8. Hehe, yeah that is a problem for me though, as I don't know what to ask yet :?

    Well we have a property large enough to ride on, although I'm sure I will get tired of doing 20m circles quite soon, so perhaps I will ask friends if they have anything for me.

  9. Welcome Juan, no harm at all in getting as much info as possible and checking it out here before a bike is proudly parked at your place :)
  10. :LOL: Tks

    Well I sure am looking forward to it... but it seems I have a long way to go still.

    Perhaps it will all make sense soon and I will figure out what to do :?

  11. book into H.A.R.T, Stayupright, DECA, etc, etc, etc

    Get your learners, buy a twin :grin: learn to ride by joining others when out and about and act like a sponge, absorb from others
  12. Sounds so simple :?

    Booking a course costs money and time; which could be worked around - I won't be going back to H.A.R.T though and I don't know if what they offer will be enough for someone like myself. Then getting a bike will probably require a lot more research first :)
  13. Wecome to NR, enjoy! :grin:
  14. hey Juan . . welcome . .

    Oh man !! I can say my One-On-One basketball jokes !!!

    What do you call two spanish guys playing basketball ??

    Juan on Juan . .
    (get it ??? One on One Basketball, its how you pronounce Juan !!, Paul, do you get it ??? . . huh ?? :LOL:)

    What do you call two chinese guys playing basketball ??

    Yuan on Yuan . .
    (get it ??? One on One Basketball, its how you pronounce Yuan !!, Paul, do you get it ??? . . huh ?? :LOL:)

    ahh, forget it, i'm outta here !!!
  15. Thanks guys, I'm sure I will learn a lot here :)

    *shakes head* There is just juan thing you should know; no juan makes jokes about juan thing - my name :)

    But you get credit for the sheer terribleness of that joke...
  16. Hiya Jaun Angel and welcome.

    Before getting my learners I did a two hour pre learner course at Ridetek, (their contact details are in the Partner Discount section). The guys there are fantastic, and they go through all the basic stuff to get you riding.

    Once you get your Ls go on as many rides as you can, you will learn so much more than going it alone. Look forward to seeing you out on some rides or at a coffee night. :grin:
  17. Thanks Shambles - I will take a look at Ridetek and see what they have to offer. Is two hours enough time to get the experience needed? I'm not really sure what I need, but I will have a look around.

    Hopefully I will be on the road sooner or later :)

  18. Ridetek is pretty good i think. I went to hart with no experience at all. Didnt even do the pre riders course. I found hart to be very proffessional and would highly recommend them. :grin:
  19. I too, have been to H.A.R.T and I will not be going there again :(

    At this stage I'm still looking around, so that I have a better idea of what to expect.