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Hello and help, new rider to be

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by BOOST ON, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Just firstly, names Mick or booston(forum name everywhere that im a member! due to love of turbocharged anything)

    recently signed up here because of my new found interest in motorbikes, road bikes more specificly. i will be going for my motorbike learners in 2-3 weeks ( note: i have basically no previous riding expereince) and of course what comes with that is looking for motorbikes! reading/ watching reviews on specific bikes.. cbr250's zzr250's hyo250/650 and something that has cought my eye now is the GS500F from suzuki. looking around they can be had for a reasonable price second, they are lams approved, what would expect to be a quality bike provided maintenance has been kept up(im considering by brandnew also) im specifically looking at this bike for the sake of once i come time to be legally able to ride a bigger bike im not goin to have the urge to, as if i had a 250 nor once i do decide to have such a leap... Something that may help you guys to understand my point of view is, i like to go overboard if it means i dont have to stress something to get what i need out of it... i like to have that headroom to make stuff last... im a getting over ambitious looking at a 500 for a first bike. or if i keep my head focused should i be able to get away with it ?

    thanks Mick

  2. I got my learners in around October of last year, and was in the same position as you. I knew if I got a 250 I would want to get rid of it as soon as I could, and I liked the physical size of the thelarger bikes. So, I purchased a brand new GS500F and love it. There are more technologically advanced bikes out there, quicker bikes, etc, but I have found it to be a good, reliable fun bike to ride.
  3. No, GS500 or similar are tame, and I'd doubt noticeably faster than an inline 4 250. They are a good, reliable bike though, and considering you need to have your Ps for 3 years now its worth having something decent for the long haul.
  4. 3 years? new rider handbook only states 12 months.. you say it probably wouldnt be much quicker than a well sorted 250 but surely it'd have more low down torque...
  5. Type of motorcycle licence that is issued
    The type of motorcycle licence issued to you (Full or Probationary) will depend on the type of licence (if any) that you already hold.

    Probationary drivers under the age of 21 who get their licence on or after 1 July 2008 will be issued with a four year probationary licence card. The first twleve months will be a P1 probationary licence and the following three years will be P2 probationary licence. In the first twleve months you must display a red plate with a white P and for the next three years a green plate with a white P.

    Drivers over the age of 21 who first obtained their licence on or after 1 July 2008 will skip the P1 period and go straight to a three year P2 probationary licence.

    if you already have a full car licence, you will be issued with a full motorcycle licence. However, all newly licensed riders, for the first 12 months, must have zero BAC, not carry a pillion passenger and have restrictions on the type of motrcycles that can be ridden. If your motorcycle licence was issued before 1 June 2008, you may ride any motorcycle not exceeding 260cc or any Learner approved motorcycle. If your motorcycle licence was issued on or after 1 June 2008 you may only ride any learner approved motorcycle. View the approved list of motorcycles for novice riders
    if you already have a probationary car licence, you will be issued with a probationary motorcycle licence as well. The probationary period will end at the same time as your probationary car licence.

    the above copied and pasted direct from vicroads website.. i am already 21 and get my full licence in feb next year... i have highlighted a section there... possible loop hole for my self... if i can my learners, have it for the 3 months and get onto my bike P's before i get my full car licence whats the chance i could fall part of the highlighted paragraph?
  6. I'm going for my L's this weekend and i also looked at the GS500 for a first bike, but was put off when i realised that it's still a performance compromise (in motorbike terms) but you still get the extra kg of the bigger motor to walk around.. Also i'd rather buy something that is as good as it can be. As far as 500's go, it's not that great on paper...
  7. I add, if you have any bikes to recommend that are lams approved.. by all means speak up, i would appreciate it.
  8. What is your budget? As far as LAMS road bikes go, the CBR250RR is probably the most popular by a large margin (because it's the fastest LAMS bike lol...) But there are plenty of other good choices. Honda's VTR250 got great first bike reviews, also the Kawasaki Ninja, Honda Spada, Yamaha Zeal are favourites of mine :)
  9. BOOST ON, even if you don't get your motorcycle probationary license prior to getting your full car license, as soon as you sit the probationary test for your motorbike, you will be given a full motorbike license. It's in the same paragraph, at the start :)
  10. woooops.... sorry i got ahead of my self..

    my budget... upto 10k is what im looking at.. im trying to steer away from 250's if you hadnt picked up on it.. one coz of the physical bike size.. 2 i dont want something that i have to ring the neck out of to get moving. i know the lams bike are restricted etc but bigger motor, bigger torque
  11. 10k... woah ok, you should probably look at a restricted 600/650 then. The Suzuki SV650S and GSX650F, and the Hyosung 650s are popular big LAMS bikes.
  12. my question is, they're all going to be restricted to run with power to weight restrictions. so i can go the 650's, but they wont be any quicker than a 500 or 250.. coz there restriced...

    i think i have my mind made up as to where i am heading think i just needed someone to question me to make it clear.. all very very exciting for me.. and you put ideas in my head on the gsxr650f now damn you
  13. I went straight to a 500 (KLE500) without any prior experience on a motorbike, no problem at all.

    In fact I reckon it makes it easier, the larger engines pull more from low revs so are very forgiving and easy to control at slow speeds (useful attribute for the tests!).

    A LAMS 500 is not going to be a rocket, although if you look at Motards their power/weight ratio and low end tuning must make them a heap of fun although they won't have the top end for long touring. The bigger the motor the less you have to thrash it for it to go as well, makes it a little less stressful to ride.

    Go the 500+ if you can.

  14. you like turbo charged so the first thing to do is seperate in your mind is to seperate cars from bikes, they have there similarities but are still very different.

    My advise would be to straight away spend less.
    Its your first bike so theres a few things, in motorcycling its not a matter of if but when you have a drop and more so in your first few months which means lower resale, secondly anything LAMS approved you're gonna wanna trade in as soon as your get off restrictions cause they're slow as shit.
    Make sure you go for test rides and find out which engine/chassis you like more.
    And finally in the LAMS range torque or lack there of means stuff all i sure as shit can pull harder then a gs500f on my cbr250r but more importantly i feel uncomfortable in the position of a tourer, especially in the twisties so its all down to preference.
    Also think of what bike you want next, its gonna be much easier to go from a sports 250 to a supersport/superbike then from a tourer
  15. Dont spend $10k on your first bike, spend about $4k and get a cbr250rr or a ZZR-250 or something and then sell it when you want to upgrade for about the same amount. Even if you buy a bigger bike that you think will last you until your off your restrictions, I think you'll be itching to jump on something nicer when you can.

    Also 250s aren't a slow vehicle, but they are slow in comparison to other motorcycles :wink: they will beat most small cars and falcodores so they are still wicked fun and Im not bored of mine after 12 months on it.
  16. thanks guys, some helpful imput there..
    for sure i wont be spending 10k on my first bike, sure thats what i have but that would be stupid, my 10k is so that i know i have enough to cover all gear and insurance.
    Again as stated i am pretty heart set on the gs500f possibly even gsx650f if i find one at the right price. not coz i expect it to be quicker but i would like to not have to spin up 12,000 rpm to get moving on a 250, and i want that slightly bigger chasis in itself. I live in ballarat which is an hour out of melbourne, bout the same for geelong and a little bit further from bendigo. The choice of a bike is to have a weekend luxury, the choice on a nice day to get on the bike.. it takes 20 mins to get from one side of ballarat to the other so most of my trips besides the odd ride to work will be to the beach etc so atleast an hour each way, thus the choice of looking at a tourer to start off. Im not interested in having the quickest bike possible on the lams just looking and it seems as though it will do

    All in all my riders course/test is in 2 weeks and after this i will stop scanning e-bay, bikesales etc and drooling and will start making trips and inspecting and test riding with my father who 10yr ago was a die hard bike rider so i've got some good help
  17. I'm not saying that you can get through all your riding life without crashing but I'd recommend have a look at this: http://forums.superbikeschool.com/index.php?showtopic=703

    Keith Code:
    "Some people call them accidents but rarely are motorcycle crashes accidental; they are caused, more often than not, by the rider's own hand."

    So if you love riding then invest in learning to ride properly.
    Now anyone is interested doing SuperBike school course in December? :p
  18. personally, there is no way i would spend 10k on my first bike.

    everyone likes to be stupid, and i just happened to be riding stupidly at night and slid my bike within the first 2 weeks of having it.

    i personally wouldnt spent any more than 5k on my first bike, but then again everyone wants a sparkling brand new bike as their first :)

    save the 5k for ur second, nice, big bike :)
  19. I reckon people under estimate the power of a 250. My gpx250r starts to red line at 13000, and goes up to 15000. Doing 100km/hr my revs are only on 7000. The bike still has alot more to it, which i found out when i tried for a top speed.

    i wouldnt call a 250 slow. you can still easily pull away from cars at the lights and do over 150 on the speedo (which is definitley more than enough to kill you)

    ive done 300km rides on my 250 and its been great, and im a 85-90kg guy.
  20. If you're worried about size one 250 you might consider is a Kawasaki ZXR250, they are pretty big for a 250. But like all sports 250s remember that it will have been thrashed.

    I have a mate that is 180cm+ and he fit's on a ZZR250 just fine. I'm not saying that you should get a 250, but it's just something to think about.