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Hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gordy, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Hi there,

    I've been lurking around here for quite a few months, and I thought that I should bite the bullet, stop lurking and actually start to post. The new rider tips especially have been very useful in keeping me rubber side down.

    So.. A little about me.

    I ride a Spada, and am will come off restrictions just before the end of the year in time for my 25th, at which point the Spada will probably become the property of my gf for her to learn on. I hope to upgrade as well.

    Other than that, not too much more to say. I live in East Malvern in Vic, and although I'm almost unrestricted, I think I'm probably more on the inexperienced side - and I still have huge chicken strips to prove it. I'm trying to fix that though :) .

  2. i've got that last lot near the edge to work off... they are damn stubborn though. Welcome to Netrider... watch out some of them bite!
  3. Hi Gordy,
    Welcome to the world mate.

    I would learn to wear the chicken strips off on the spada if your concerned about it before the upgrade, I would suggest a track day under instruction would be a good investment
  4. Hi Gordy, and a big welcome finally!!

    Cam :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. Thank you.

    I didn't expect a response this late at night.

    Coda - I would love to do an instructed track day, but I'd actually thought that I might get more out of it if I had a better/more sport orientated bike though - although that might just be me being self conscious.
  6. Welcome Aboard Gordy !!!
  7. Hi and welcome.

    Just hit the chicken strips with sandpaper.
  8. You been spying on me? :-w