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hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bobstar, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. hi there,
    i am new to the road bike scene. I have just purchased a new cbr600rr and absolutely love it. I am located in newcastle and visit sydney on the occassion. Am looking to make some friends and do some group rides.

  2. hello and welcome :)
  3. Hello. 50 bucks and I'll be your friend. As long as I don't have to ever talk to you or anything.
  4. hey bonkers,
    well i wasnt expecting that one, however i think 50 is a bit rich, maybe 50cents.
  5. Welcome in, Mate
  6. And I wasn't expecting a counter offer since normally I just get told to sod off. I'm game! I may not love you long time, but for 50 cents I'll do a lot of weird stuff.
    Before we become "friends" I need to know if you like Starwars, if you like Picard or Kirk better, and in fifty words or less why you think there's nothing wrong with making luv to a robot if it looks real enough. This stuff is important to me.
  7. well bonkers, i dont like star wars, have never watched it and you can make love to all the robots you like. sorry but i dont want to be your friend. :shock:
  8. Welcome.

    I've had a Yamaha and a couple of Kawasaki's but I love my Honda the most.

    I'm sure you'll find other netriders to ride with, this site is a great resource for this purpose.

    Be safe
  9. Hi Bobstar

    I too am new to the scene again. (had a break from riding due to moving to the UK). I have posted a ride day in May on the Putty road if you are keen + a trip to Eastern Creek.

    Just purchased a ZX10R so keen to do some riding on weekends etc (or anytime)

    Welcome aboard and happy riding.


    ZX10R 2008
  10. Hi steve,
    I would be keen to do some rides with you. I am pretty busy in may but i am sure we can get a ride in somewhere. What hours do you work?