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hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tigger65, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. well lets try this again.
    thanks to the person on the Hyosung at dandenong coles who told me about this site..... lol forgot her name.
    no- doubt ill meet some of u people some day.

  2. Hiya Tigger

    See ya at Coles some time [​IMG]

    Welcome aboard [​IMG]
  3. lol i only shop there
  4. hey anyone tell me if that mentor or someone around my area can help with riding pointers
  5. hi and welcome.. :p
  6. I go there in the evenings to get my smokes [​IMG]
    We could meet there one evening & go for a ride [​IMG]


    Put your photo up to see what riding pointers I can give you [​IMG]
  7. Welcome to NR.
  8. Welcome to Net Rider

    Make sure you come along to the coffee nights and the ride days and the workshop days and the BBQ's and more ride days and.......

  9. that i will try to do although i start work at 6am 6 days aweek so i do need my beauty sleep ......lol only joking about the beauty part atleast i only work half a day saturdays.
  10. i did a search through memberlist and i think it may have been lopsided that i met the other week but that person hasnt been on for some time.
    hey MG what photo are you on about ......
    or are u pulling my leg.
  11. Yeah, I'm the hyosung person at coles!

    And I'm here at netrider, love the place, just too bloody lazy to type replies. :roll:
  12. or are they not used to being straight after holding grips hehehehe not easyto type with nuckles
  13. Thanks for ya msg Phil.

    Won't be for awhile because I've lost my license for another 3 months :cry:

  14. Oh gawd and how did u manage that one !
  15. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=40823&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=300

    Didnt take that long for you to give yourself away..

    Your Go-Karts thread is what got me thinking & has lead to
    your undoing



    You both reside in Keysborough..

    Further investigations confirm your identity

    & you had info on me because I been contacting your hubby off-site.

    Remember what I said to you a week ago to the day? [​IMG]

    Welcome to Netrider Sue <removed> aka Bubbly & Mrs Tigger65

    Game, Set & Match! [​IMG]

    Next.. [​IMG]

  16. Full name removed as requested Bubbly :p

    I got your details the same day I started to research your arse. Took
    me about 20-30mins to find :LOL:

    You gave me challenge about your identity so I took it on (as I said I

    & no, I didnt get details from your any of your posts because you've never
    provided any..

    The only name you've mentioned on this site is Sue.. but sometimes that
    may be all one needs [-X


    & once you have a full name & suburb (Keysborough) one can then get
    your DOB & residential address off-site. Easily done.


    Hint 1: I keep telling you people that alot can be learnt by going over info one has
    long forgetten about

    Hint 2: If anyone wants to be totally anonymous, best stay off the internet
    because no one who goes on-line is totally anonymous
  17. anyway now thats over how long ago di ya get rid of the zx9r with the purple colour looked good
  18. Yeh that bike was spotless.


    Had it for bout 12mths.
  19. hey do you have black jacket with green down the side and were at the lights at the fire station tonight as rescue truck came out