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Hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by -Chris-, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    I joined the forum in october last year, when i was seriously thinking about a bike for the first time. But it didnt happen. To many negative people telling me how i was going to die :roll:

    So ANYWAY, my friend and i are booked in for our learners later this month at HART in tulla. If anything it will be a bit of fun, give me a taste and hopefully get my P's in 3 months!

    I have been reading the forums as much as i can and getting excited.
    Im selling my car, downgrading to something more fuel efficient. and that should free up enough space for a bike :twisted:

  2. Welcome along. I recently downgraded my car so that I could get a bike and it has been one of the best things I've ever done.

    Just be sure to get a Netrider 'My other car is a motorcycle' sticker for whatever 4 wheeled econo-box you end up with, I find it's the only way to maintain your dignity in a small car :LOL:
  3. Thanks mate, the sticker sounds like a good idea! I was driving the girlfriends "econo-box" as you put it today and yes..... i think if it were mine i would need more than just a sticker! It will take a lot of getting use to... but i think a bike would soften the blow :wink:

  4. [Eddie Murphy pretending to be Mr T voice] hey boy..... you look mighty cute in them jeans[endvoice]


    Welcome aboard.
  5. Nunawading and you're going to HART Tulla? Isn't there one closer to you...? Errr... Kylsith I think?

    Anyhow... welcome :woot:
  6. True... but the next 2day course at kilsyth isnt for a while, unless i go during the week. but if i dont work i dont get paid and its just not worth it.

  7. Awesomeness :grin: I was "sick" for 2 days to do my license :wink:

    Good luck with everything and see you around
  8. Thanks mate :cool:
  9. I down graded my car as well. Smartest move i have made for a long time. not saying that i don't miss her, but a 5.7 l 350hp clubsport was eating a hole in my pockets!

    Yup, i am now driving my first "Girl Car", but hey, it's saving me about $75 per week!

    My only saving sanity point is my bike!
  10. Go for it i say.. The guys at Tulla are spot on. I reckon the bike craze has taken right off. I live right near Hart in Tulla and they are always testing and training. Good luck with it all..
  11. welcome and good luck cya around sometime.
  12. YAY WE PAST! :LOL:

    now its time for me to hurry up and offload my car and get my leg over a few bikes to find what i like!

    To many choices :roll:

  13. Congrats on the course.

    Spend wisely, and you should probably keep the car. Bikes are great fun, but they still are mostly only good for recreation.

    But fortune favours the bold!