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Hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mrs Drew, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Hello All

    Mrs Drew finally checking in after the Spurs ride today.

    Had a great time and look forward to meeting more of you. I'll just need a pillion seat till Drew gets a bigger bike....once he gets of his &%$^& and gets his P's that is!! :LOL:
  2. Good evening Mrs Drew, how lovely to have you with us. I see that since we have corrupted and seduced your good man, he's now passing it down the line. I'm glad you enjoyed your ride, and I'm sure that, like my wife many years ago, you'll enjoy it even more when you can ride with him on your own bike.
  3. Lets just keep that quiet shall we... :LOL:

    Yep looks like a 2nd bike is going to be added to the household.
  4. welcome mrs drew, i hear you had a great time on the ride today.
  5. Just loved it - now I know what Drew's been going on about for the last 7months
  6. Bugger the secret is out :twisted: :twisted:
  7. Hey Sally

    it was lovely meeting both yourself and Drew today

    Will be good to see you out and about on your own bike

  8. Heya Sal!

    I'm sure you could tell I was excited for both of you at this wonderful decision you have made!!!!

    Welcome to the family!!

  9. Hi and welcome :grin:

    Lucky you having a bike (sort of) ready and waiting for you.

    Go get your L's, monopolise the bike, then Drew will have to go get his P's :wink:
  10. Welcome to the biking community and Netrider family Sal :grin:

    Nice work Drew, converting non riding partners ain't easy work (that's why I found one that already rode :wink: ) kudos!! :cool:
  11. Welcome to the fraternity Mrs Drew, lovely to have you on board as well :grin:
  12. Hi Drew and Mrs Drew! Are you sore after such a big ride? I know I was stuffed. Thanks to you both and Geoff for letting me follow you back to Romsey! That moto guzzi seat looks comfortable when my arms and legs were aching!

    So Mrs Drew now to get your learners?
  13. That was my plan - he's going to get sick of sharing!
  14. Well the day worked as planned .... "Give a taste and get her hooked".

    So any bets on how long it takes for this bike?

    Will it be longer than mine or quicker??
  15. Trust me it will be a hell of a lot quicker :grin:
  16. Oh thats just great... make me wait ages for mine and yours in a flash.... well at least i know where I stand now :LOL:
  17. Mate, you ride a Spada. I'd say its a fair bet Sal will get the bike that is both longer and quicker than yours.

    That is what you meant, wasn't it? :p
  18. G'day everyone,......

    G'day Mrs Drew,....I hope you are going to come to the spanna day with Drew.

    Oh yeh,....welcome to the family called netriders.

    Dr Who?
  19. Welcome Mrs Drew
    You will be asking yourself why you didnt make this decision sooner. If you havn't already.

    Quicker & to make this even less painless. Give the lady what she wants.
  20. oooh we have a bunch of comedians!! :LOL:

    current plan is no new bike till i upgrade then she gets the SPADA...... guess I'm going for the P's really soon then.

    Spanna day?? we'll see :cool: