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hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by greenrider, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Hi to all you netrider members. Just intoducing myself here. Only just got myself my L's a week ago and was fortunate enough to have a brother to hand me down his CB250 as he upgraded to a CBR1000RR. Been hovering around here reading some of the interesting posts over the last week and have found this site quite addictive, much like the bike riding!!! The info and the humor is quite good so I will be sticking around!!! I know I dont ride a power house but shes a great learner bike and because of the ease of operation has enabled me to get out onto some major rds, like the Ballarat Rd and Western Ring Rd as welll as my local area. Looking forward to getting to know afew members here and picking up some tips. Im lucky coz I have a husband who has ridden bikes for years and I get to take some advice from him too. I never relised how much fun bikes are and am looking towards many hours of lesiure of this summer. Hope I havent raved too much ... Green rider.

  2. Hah, raving on is the default setting on Netrider, you'll fit right in :LOL: :).

    Welcome, and enjoy
  3. Welcome greenrider :grin:
  4. [​IMG]

    Hmmm Ballarat Rd and Western Ring Rd thats brave in it self. :LOL: oh wait thats only cause im no longer use to it down there.
  5. Hi greenrider. :)

    I had a CB250 for years and loved it. You will too. :grin:
  6. Yep, The CB250 has been a lot of fun so far. I here they are pretty much 'bullet proof' if you keep oil in them and this one being in A1 condish Im not expecting too many problems. It was my hubby that encouraged me to do the Ring rd and Ballarat Rd ride. I wasnt too enthusiastic the first tiime only wanting to 'play it safe' in my local neigbourhood. when you consider the amount of traffic that gets down there I was pretty hesitant owing to lack of experiance. However the attitude was that if i procastinate I'll never do it so I lept in. Now I feel really confident but expremely cautious at the same time. I dont have the fear to go on the Westgate fwy/Ring rd but have the upmost respect for them having travelled it now about 4 times. It only took 'breaking the ice' to melt the apprehension away. Did anyone else out there have a fear to go out on major rds for the first time or was I the only one?
  7. I remember doing my L's at HART and thinking how much fun it was to be riding.. when I'd realised quite suddenly during the latter part of the afternoon that at some point I would be out on the road amongst traffic without instructors and doing faster speeds than 25km/ph..

    I was *really* nervous.. but the more you get out there and do it, the easier it becomes..

    You begin to relax and find yourself able to concentrate on surrounding traffic/ road conditions/ unexpected hazards etc. whilst still enjoying the ride.

    Good luck with everything and enjoy :grin:
  8. Welcome to the world of riding. Nice of your brother to give you his cb. Now you can only hope when he is finished with the blade he will hand that down as well.. :grin:
  9. JenStarlette, I did my L's at HART too!! and yes the thought of of getting out onto the road was a little dawnting and wondering how on earth you are going to apply what was cramed into a two day course into real life ... but alas, you are right .... the more you get out there the easier it becomes. All i want to do is ride the bike but I think that is just down to my enthusiasim at doing somthing Ive never done before. Having driven a manual car all my life has made it fun with the gear changes but it certainly is a different ball game than being in a car. I am trying to be a cautious as I can constantly scanning the road and 'anticipating". Didnt know it would be so much fun getting experience!!

    I was wondering if there are any organised gatherings or day rides for those of us that are just starting out within the forum??? That would be so much fun also.

  10. Welcum Juliette. :)
  11. Riding is a blast, and yeah we are always organising rides and get togethers. Check out the vic rides and events section..
  12. Thanks Blue12. I will check out that section.

    Went for a ride last nite as I thought it was time to do a night ride. Even after the sun went down it was still extremely hot .... Melbourne had another over 30 temp day. Just wanted to say that you have to make sure you drink lots and I mean lots of water beofre you take off on a hot day/night as I found that with the old full face helmet and jacket I wore I got thirsty very quickly. I dont think I would have considered cutting back on the gear I was wearing but if I was doing a longer trip would need to stop for sure for a drink. I guess you dont find these things out until you experiance them. Juliette.
  13. Hi Juliette... welcome :grin:
    Your brother had a little jump in bikes, didn't he! The CBR1000 certainly is a brilliant bike. Stay sweet with him :wink:

    I've got to say, sounds like you're doing swell getting out there so soon. Enthusiasm and determination are certainly key factors in learning. As far as my riding was concerned, it sure wasn'tatural ability! I'm getting there, but seems the target keeps getting further away :shock:

    Sounds like you're doing great. Keep getting out there and I hope to see you on one of our rides soon! Don't worry, as long as you let someone know, you'll be looked after.
  14. Hi Pinkxie,

    Yes Im trying to get as much practice in as I can. Im trying to experience as many differnt road conditions as Ive been told that one day you have to ride in wet, wind etc eventually. Wanted to go out today earlier but i was far too windy for my liking. Felt like a gale was happening, didnt stop my brother from going home on his New fireblade 100kms up to Blackwood ... wouldnt have tried it on the CB thou. I had to wait until this evening to go out with my hubby, wind seemed to subside a little. Going up the Ballarat Rd didnt seem as bad as I thought it might be, bit gusty but wasnt blown around that much. Cant wait until the sun is up tomorrow to do it all again!!
    Would love to do a day cruise with the net riders sometime if they wouldnt mind a newbie on a 250 tagging along, sounds like a great time to be had.

    Q. Does anyone know where I can get some good riding gear, ie; jacket, pants, gloves, boots. Im after something that is practical rather than stylish with good protection qualities in crutial areas? Any input appreciated.

  15. Apologies for a late Welcome Juliette. We have some interesting roads in our neck of the woods. The e j whitten bridge(i think it's still called that) on the ring road between sunshine ave and keilor park drive had me bluffed with the wind for my first 6 months of riding. Hope to see you on the roads, stay safe.
  16. Welcome!!

    One of my fiirst rides not in my area, was The Bolte through Citylink & onto the Monash... So I understand where you're coming from with the whole Ring Road thing!!! One road I'm not looking forward to riding on anytime soon!!!
  17. Thanx for all your welcomes guys and gals ...

    Well yesterday, (sunday 14th jan), did my first what I would call long distance ride. Didnt get a chance to go out on the road on Sat because I was too busy and on Sunday I felt like I was having 'withdrawal ' symptoms from not getting my riding fix for one day (last previous ride being Friday).... now thats scarey :roll: , anyway ... decided to ride to Ballarat!! Thought it would be a good Hwy run for me and the bike. been doing alot of stop/start type riding for the first three weeks after getting L's. What a blast!!! Love the long distance thiing better than the short sperts ... Was abit windy and had what I call my first side wind and front on gust with abit of severity. managed to stay aboard the bike and handled it quite well i thought being on a 250 hanging on with arms and legs!. Those pentland hills can be a bit trecherous as Ive been told with cross winds. Anyway, look forward to many more pleasurable long distance experiences ... the further the better!!