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Hello All

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by DNL, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. G'day to everyone on the forum.

    After being licensed for 27 years and not being on a bike much for the last 20 years or so, I re-discovered the joy of riding a few months back when my nephew dropped his ZZR250 around and asked if I'd like to play with it (the bike that is!!) for a month or so while he took to the rally circuit (ARC privateers).

    Did a few rides with mates and found the ZZR a tad stressed when lugging my "not 18 years old anymore frame" up and down dale around the ACT and NSW.

    My wife chipped in one day and said she always wanted to get her bike license, which I wasn't too keen on. She immediately advised that her first husband said the same thing and she divorced him!! I couldn't get her to a learners course quick enough!

    Since all this started (thanks to the nephew) I've picked up a '99 Triumph Sprint ST and absolutely love it! I've undertaken the M.A.S.T.E.R.S. course at the Stay Up Right training centre here in the ACT and enjoyed that immensley. The things I didn't know stunned me, but importantly the skills gained have given me greater confidence and an better awareness of my own capabilities and limitations on a bike.

    Anyway, I've refound the buzz...lost for many years. Having a lot more sense that when I was 18, I now know that when I used to ride in thongs, shorts and t-shirt, I was just an idiot. This time, I've invested in all the right gear as the older I've become I've realised I'm not bullet proof at all!Besides, today's 7 degrees in the rain didn't phase me - in fact I was sweating I had that many layers on!!

    I'm looking forward to educating myself on bike handling, and enjoying the reason why I bought the Trumpie. This is a great forum and one that I am trawling through at the moment as I ease back onto the road!!

    cheers to all and I'm sure my education has just begun!

  2. G'day and welcome.!
  3. Welcome DNL and welcome back to the world of motorbikes. :D
  4. anybody with a Trumpy is OK in my books....... Hello and welcome to the place you go when it's too wet to ride.
  5. So we have affiliations now?

    Dips me lid to ya, DNL.
  6. Welcome mate and glad to see you back on a bike

    Cheers 8)
  7. Welcome to the madness DNL, and welcome to the "Trumpy" club, (The Poms best-kept secret)!!!---ENJOOOOY!!! :LOL:
  8. Thanks everyone for the welcome notes. I've been reading through the site and already learnt heaps.

    What a great site!

  9. G'day and welcome to our other home..
  10. Hi ya and welcome back to the world of "Woo Hoo that was fun!.. lets go again!!" :D
  11. Thanks YammyChick...

    My wife is sitting here next to me and we are discussing what type of bike she should buy. She is recently L'd

    She does not want a 250...any suggestions?

    We have been looking at the GS500F or ER5...I've selfishly recommended the Triumph America which is L legal in the ACT.

  12. I can't comment on the ER5, but the GS500F is a nice bike. Easy to ride and the riding position is quite comfortable. The best I could recommend is have your lady try them all and pick what she likes the best! Good Luck and enjoy the test rides!!
  13. welcome DNL :) ER5 will be less $$$ to fix as it's naked, but i'd get the gs500f as it's more sexy :D IMO

    when is victoria going to get with the program and fix its leaner 'capacity must be 250cc or less' laws??? :evil: :cry: everyone else seems to of.
  14. Welcome to the mad world of Netrider DNL :)

  15. Once again thanks YammyChick.

    The best part about buying a new bike is all the test rides. Weather here in the ACT has been bike-woeful for the last week or more. So will need to wait for the clear days to get amongst it again.

    Rain is good...more money in mud than dust!

  16. Hiya DNL! Have fun...
  17. Yes welcome to the forum, I can imagine the pleasure you are getting from your motorbicycling after so many years away.

    You may want to peruse the following,


    We are a grumpy bunch of old farts with no sense of humour and lot of early nights after our Coco, Cocoa, toddy before bed.bloody computer I must get a new quaybored

  18. Hey matey, I'm glad that I'm not the only crazy person who enjoys riding in the freezing rain :) Where about are you from in Canberra?

    The good news is that after Saturday the rain's going to clear up, and the weather's going to warm up... to above freezing lol.

    Been out Cotter way before? There's a few nice rides there if you're keen. I'd be happy to tell/show you :)

    Enjoy the cold! :D
  19. E-Kola - I see you are on the GC. I've just spent the last 6 years there and waited to come to Canberra for Winter before buying a bike! Go figure that wisdom! :shock:

    Peregrine - I'm about to take off again this time for the warmer climes of Darwin! My mates up that way ride a fair bit and they reckon Adelaide is only at the end of the street!! :D

    cheers and thanks for the welcome.