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Hello All

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TheNextArnie87, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Hello all! My name is Adam and i am from the Deer Park area of the Western Subrubs of Melb. I decided to post my first post in here because from what i have read in this thread you are all very helpful to new riders. I am 18 in April and am looking to get a sportbike (most likely RGV250), the thing is though i have never ridden before and am kind of worried about riding first time - mainly because i think ill flip the bike as i dont know how to clutch/gear etc. But i guess it will come in time.

    I plan to do my training course at H.A.R.T.

    P.S. When i finally do get my L's ill be sure to call for an escort :D
  2. Welcome to the fun, Adam :) Good luck, and worry less, it'll come together with good training and *lots* of practice.

    Cheers -s.
  3. Adam, I don't know about HART but I went to MTA in Dandenong, they were fantastic. I knew thw basics and had ridden, albeit very shakily and they got me through the L's. However, it wasn't just about getting through the L's, I did two of their introductory courses and had a private lesson on the range, prior to doing the full day L's course it got me comfortable with the gear changes etc. Try and get some other training rather than just the L's course (6 hrs of riding then the theory and test). I'd done about ten hours of riding with MTA prior to taking the 8hr L's course with them.
  4. Ok thanks for the replies. From what i have heard from friends and read on the HART website it is a 2 day course that goes for around 12-15hrs all up. Also do you guys know of any motorbike auctions or places i could get a bike for cheap? im lookin for something under $3000 as im on a budget. Just had an opportunity to buy a '96 RGV250 recent rebuild but needed new clutch and gearbox for $1500 (called up mechanics, repairs would cost $500), but didnt have cash and was a day too late :(

    Also, i am getting my helmet airbrushed by someone i know, it will look like the picture in my avatar. Ive heard that it is unsafe to modify the helmet, but if it is just a layer or two of paint will that make such a large difference? My helmet is a new 2005 HCJ CS-12 model.
  5. the training people (at MTA and HART) recognise that many riders will have never ridden when they arrive for the l's. I had never ridden before but the people at MTA guided me through nice and easy, and never once laughed at me for stalling. I am sure that is true wherever you go.

    The scariest part I found was that after I had my L's and I was looking for a bike - I was worried about test riding on the road! Fortunately I had someone come around wtih me to some test rides and rode the bikes initially and if he thought it was godo then he put me on it.

    For now try to soak up every bit of info you can - particularly the practical stuff from the instructors at HART. (p.s. you may want to see if they have a pure introductory course to get you on a bike, rather than first step being the Lcourse). They do sometimes advertise free sessions to those that are interested in riding but never have ridden...
  6. welcome to the site mate.
  7. Adam, given that you have never ridden before and from your age I'm guessing you haven't had a lot of experience with traffic even in a car I would suggest seriously reconsidering buying an RGV250. Statistically you are more likely to kill yourself on one of these than any other 250 bike and you're already in the highest risk category (young and inexperienced). Best to start of with something slower (you'll be amazed at just how fast 60kph feels on a bike the first time in traffic) then work your way up gradually.
  8. jd: ok thanks i will consider other 250's. I will talk to a few friends who have bikes and experience and see what they have to say also. Thanks again for the replies everyone.
  9. I hate to say this, but have you given any thought to getting your traffic experience in a car before venturing onto 2 wheels?

    There are 2 sets of specialised skills you'll be trying to master simultaneously - how to negotiate traffic safely (and work out what all the idiots are doing), and how to ride a motorcycle (also safely).

    Learning to drive a car at a basic level is (IMHO) easier than learning to ride a bike at the same level. Either way, you'll make mistakes. You'll also misread traffic situations from time to time.

    The less of your attention you're expending on operating your vehicle, the more attention you've got left to concentrate on what the other idiots are doing, and on developing your experience in handling traffic.

    And while you're developing that experience (and making mistakes), the consequences of getting it wrong are less severe if you're in a cage.

    I'd spend some time working out what you're doing on the road, then get a bike and spend some time working out what you're doing on it. At that stage you'll be able to expend less attention on handling traffic, and more on how to ride.

    Just my 2c. Not that I want to sound like your mother or anything. :)

    Anyway, welcome!
  10. I actually believe that this would invalidate the as 1698 certification, which means that the helmet would not be legal to use on australian roads. With that said, never heard of a police officer charging anyone for this. As for safety - not sure. I assume if the paint is non-corrosive and does not do anything to alter the integrity of materials used in the helmet then fine. (the reason it invalidates as 1698 is because they worry about any paint reducing the integrity of materials - same reason why you can not put decals on a helmet as the glue may reduce integrity of materials).
  11. Good luck 'Arnie'. If HART in sydney are anything to go by, it'll be like losing your virginity to a hooker. They go step by step very slowly and very carefully. Teh two day course they do is great.

    I agree with JD, an RGV isn't the best choice for a first bike, but I disagree with Gromit, if you've got half a brain, a little bit of patience and your wits about you, there's no reason why your first wheels shouldn't be a bike. Me, I'm 24 and never driven a cage in my life...

    Most of all relax.
  12. If you are going to airbrush a helmet then best to go with a fibreglass one as it would be less likely to react with solvents (paint) than plastic.
  13. Hi Adam,
    Good luck with getting in to riding - you'll love it...

    I did courses with both MTA (Intro Course), and HART (L's and Licence Courses) - both were excellent. The staff were really helpful and encouraging...
    I'd never ridden before I wobbled out on the VTRs at MTA's intro course either and those guys were fantastic - VERY patient!
    Enjoy which ever course you do...
  14. Sure - it's all an exercise in risk management and how you decide to handle the odds.

    I can't recall the last time I saw a road user with half a brain, a little bit of patience and their wits about them though! :LOL:
  15. yeah, dont wanna sound like a mum either, but i think gromit's got a point there i think. better off learning the ways of the road in something you cant fall off and that has a bit more protection than a bike. get the car licence first and drive around for a while before you stick your neck on the line like that.

    its just my opinion, but i think you've got a much better chance of survival with a bit of roadgoing experience before you jump on the bike....

    and JDs right too, them 2 strokers are weapons. no-where near as forgiving as the 4 strokes and definately not recommended as a first bike unless you've done a fair amount of dirtbike riding and know how to handle a bike....
  16. Welcome Adam :D

    I got my Ls at HART in Tulla and found them fantastic. I hadn't been on a bike since my back paddock MX80 experiences at the age of 10, but found that after a day spinning around the HART lot with their guidance I felt confident enough to get out on the road.

    I'd have to agree with Gromit here. I'd been driving a car for about 8 years before jumping on a bike. I've only been riding for 4 months but i've already lost count of how many times being able to read traffic has saved my arse.

    Maybe do both bike and car and use weekends to practise the bike.
    Either way, best of luck man. Happy riding :)
  17. Ok thanks a lot for the responses. I am on my learners for car and started driving a bit recently. Im trying manual its kinda tricky - will it make riding a bike easier if i know how to drive manual car or if i just drive auto car (i think ide prefer this) - will it be about the same to learn the bike? I plan to ride around backstreets for a while before i try any major roads, and then i hope to ask for escorts from someone so its not really jumping right into it. Also, im 18 in April, which is nearing winter, so it is a big possibility that i will only get a bike(or begin riding atleast) around July - just before the weather starts to calm down a bit, so 4 months of driving around in a car will be a fair bit of time to get a bit of experience.

    The guy airbrushing my helmet has done helmets before and said everything should be fine, it will turn out very similair if not better to the pic in my avatar. P.S. Im paying around $100-$150 for it :D

    Another question, im 183cms weigh in at 75kg but around July i will be around 85-90kgs. What 250 would be comfortable for me? Im looking for something sporty like RGV250, CBR250, ZX-2R etc.
  18. Welcome aboard Adam!

    Don't worry about never having ridden before...mum and I never had before we went for our learners. If both of us can pass first time, then anyone can! I also started riding the very next day and have hardly been off bikes since!

    :D :D :D
  19. Welcome Adam

    Relax re: the learners course, here in Tas they start with a walk around the bike, (pointing out all the important bits... clutch, gears, etc) and before you even switch it on, they get you to sit on it while another pushes you :eek:

    75% of the people their had never ridden a bike before, only one (of 9) was invited to try again the next week, they have the idea that some things take longer for some people to learn, so if you don't get the hang of it in one day, you get another go the next week for free. Bloody good idea I reckon.

    Don't get your helmet painted up real flash, (even if the guy will use compatible paints), cos chances are you'll scratch it up while learning.
    Get him to do the work once you feel more comfortable.

    I also agree that the RV maybe a little bit "extreme" to learn on. Personally, if you think the CB250 aint your style, then the Across, Balius, Zeal, CBR250R(R), GPX, ZXR etc are all good bikes to learn on, with enough zip to be fun for a fair while after you get the licence.

    Most important, relax and enjoy... it's the best fun you can have with your clothes still on!!!!!

  20. 10-15 kgs hmmm so your jumping on the gear or just planning on turning into a fat bastard like me?! :LOL:

    seriously tho welcome dude :)

    as for bikes i'd have to agree with the others here, dont get a rgv250/rs250 or anything like that. get a 4 stroker sport, naked, whatever...

    as soon as you get it i would suggest that you find the nearest vacant car park and just ride around. once your more comfortable with the general riding try riding around in circles and doing figure 8's to improve your control and confidence. practice everything you can remember from the l's course aswell

    after a 2-3 weekends of that you'll feel a lot more confident then you can move into doing time trials around the carpark :D yes sounds a little stupid i know but i am glad i found out how slipery road lines, gravel, crap bitumen etc. can be there rather than out on the road :shock: plus theres the bonus of not having anything to hit if you find the right car park :D:D:D:D:D

    better off to do this than to jump on the road with no bike exprience and little traffice exprience and be learning both at the same time in the heat of the moment

    good luck dude 8)