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Hello All!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sexypants, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Hi!!

    Looks like to be a great community here and looking forward to being a part of it!
    Currently live in SA but moving to VIC in the coming weeks so very excited to see what the riding is like over there! Currently on a restricted licence and am riding a 2012 Ninja 300 SE.
    Just wanted to say hello and hopefully will get to come along to some of the netrider rides as always wanting to learn from more experienced riders to increase my knowledge and skills!


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  2. Welcome mate. With that name though, you'll have to steer clear of uncle greguncle greg when you arrive in VIC ;)
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  3. welcome aboard SexypantsSexypants :)

    I like the name :)
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  4. #6 Ned, Aug 19, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2016
    Hi and welcome SexypantsSexypants, nice lookin' ride you have there, come and explore our fav roads(y)

    I bet UG has already been here and thought "nah," it's a bloke, damn!:cry:
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  5. Welcome to NR from ........................Adelaide.
    With a name like that.......................I just can't compete.
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  6. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Never ever offer free cake.

    Enjoy the ride
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  7. Welcome SexypantsSexypants ! Oh wait... I already know you. Looking forward to cruising together with these guys soon!
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  8. Welcome :cool:
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  9. whats your sisters name?
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  10. uncle greguncle greg Not sure if she likes wearing skirts? I will ask her tonight and report back!
  11. pics mate
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  12. gday SexypantsSexypants and welcome to NR - I think to have a nic like that you must provide references to prove that the title is appropriate, you know how it works, self praise is no recommendation

    word of advice - keep uncle greguncle greg away from your sister
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  13. As above pics or it never happened.

    Oh and welcome :)
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  14. Howdy and welcome to NR SexypantsSexypants, And I'll get a jump on saying welcome to Vic when you move across. :happy:
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  15. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Will be moving to VIC this Friday and my sister will be safe from uncle greguncle greg here in SA.

    And chilliman64chilliman64 will get some pics of my sexy pants to you asap.
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  16. mmm might move to sa
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  17. but he'll be in Victoria shortly...
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