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Hello all!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by estebandf, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,

    My name is Esteban, and I'm from Argentina. Moved into Melb about a year ago, and just got my learner's permit a few weeks ago (new GLS 2-day course) and planning to get a tranny next month.

    Good roads to all of you.

  2. gday estebandfestebandf welcome to NR! not sure what a tranny is in terms of motorcycles but wish you all the best. plenty of members here in Melbourne so you should be able to find some riding buddies.
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  3. Welcome estebandfestebandf you'll enjoy it here ;), as for what a 'tranny' is hmmmmmmmm uncle greguncle greg you got this one ?
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  4. yep they are lots of fun
    ive had many over the years
    just dont turn your back on them
    they can be a pain in the arse
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  5. HAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!
  6. Welcome mate :cool:
  7. we are talkin radios here i hope
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  8. Yes, yes we are ;)
  9. Welcome to the forum
  10. Welcome mate. Hope you enjoy
  11. Honda XL 650 V Transalp :) haha

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  12. that's good mate, thanks for clearing that up - you excited a few members with your post but for the wrong reasons it now seems :D
  13. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. English as a second language can get you into some funny problems. Good luck with your travels Down Under.
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  14. Welcome aboard
  15. Hola..

    Welcome to NR..

    Come around to the Saturday practice one of these days...
  16. I will, as soon as I get my trainer wheels installed hahaha and the bike of course.

    Thanks everyone for your replies !!
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  17. welcome aboard :)

    So the tranny doesn't come with a stick shift?
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  18. no but I believe that donk has some balls!
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  19. Hahahhaha I think next time will use google before posting anything :D
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