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Hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Ninja Couple, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. I have been reading these forums for years but have just decided to join.
    I have been riding for around 25 years and a couple of years ago my wife caught the bug from me. The love of bikes must be contagious. She has a much worse case than me at this time of life and would spend all weekend on the bikes if she could.
    My first bike was a Honda NS400R. I wish I had of kept it but $3000.00 went a long way towards a house upgrade in 1994.
    Children and a small business also came along about then so I was without a bike for 7 years when I came across a one year old Aprilia Falco for half the price it was new.
    I loved that bike and had it for six or seven trouble free years but due to the small business we owned it never really got used enough so was sold to a neighbour that just had to have it.
    A few bike less years later I bought an Aprilia Sportcity 200 scooter off eBay which I still have today. It amazes me every time I get on it.
    This is when the wife started to ride so I bought a Gilera Nexus 400 off eBay. It was in Brisbane and I live in Sydney so a flight up then 12 hours riding later I was home.
    The wife got bored in the scooter and ordered a Ninja 250 because she liked the colour. She was so embarrassed that I followed her on a scooter that she made me sell the Gilera and buy a Ninja 1000. When she got off her Ps I made her buy a Ninja 650.
    So today we ride around very happily on our Ninjas. We don't like to stop much so often ride for two or three hours and end up at home in gods country. (the Shire.)
    Our favourite long ride is up the Putty and across to Forster for the night.
    We are going to Vietnam and buying bikes for a seven week adventure in a couple of months, the wife said we have to buy manual bikes or she will get bored.
    Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend.

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  2. Is there a biker's version of Ashley Madison your wife's a member of? ;)

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  3. Hello and welcome to NR Ninja CoupleNinja Couple :) Love of riding is indeed contagious, and there's no cure! Beautiful couple of bikes you got, hopefully you'll find time for an occasional photo. Would be great to see 1000 and 650 side by side!
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  4. Welcome mate, love the fact that your wife "made you' but a Ninja 1000. Love it, did you hypnotize her the night before lol!
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  5. She must have really twisted your arm to buy the 1000. Welcome to NR. :D
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  6. Welcome to NR.

    Is there anything else your wife 'makes' you buy?
    Beer, tickets to the footy, etc...
  7. Welcome to NR..
  8. G'day and welcome, Ninja CoupleNinja Couple. Congratulations striking the lottery and finding each other to spend your lives riding together.

    I'm sorry..? Are you from an alternate universe? I struggle to envision that conversation actually taking place:

    "But I don't really want a Ninja 1000 too! I like my Gilera, I don't want any other bigger bike!"

    "DON'T argue. You're getting one unless you want to stay at home and mow the lawn/wash the dishes/re-stump the house when I ride my 250 and that's final..."
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  9. The turning point came at Robertson Pie Shop one day not long after she bought the 250.
    We were walking back to our bikes and a guy looked at my Gilera and said to his girlfriend "That's what you need"
    I did regret buying the 1000 for a while. I was told by the dealer to vary the revs during break in. After following the wife through the National Park for a while I thought I should give it a bit in second gear which ended up with me not riding or driving for a period of six months thanks to Mr Plod.
    I still think it's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow which is probably why I love the 200 scooter.
    I don't understand how anyone with a 1000 super sport bike has a licence.
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  10. No truer words. Sorry that you were sidelined for six months, no less - I bet you were too. We'll look forward to perhaps reading or seeing some photos of some of your rides together in Australia or Vietnam.