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Hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by David Jilla, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, just joined Netrider and thought I'll say hello and introduce myself. Been riding for over 30 years and had 15 plus bikes over the years - some good, some great and much rubbish in between. In the stable at various times have been dirt bikes, various RD/RZ/RG/KR 2-strokes (love oil burners!), GPZ's and a host of GSX-R's.

    Age, weight and a bad back keep me of sport bikes now! Currently on a 2014 BMW R1200GS which I love. Third Bavarian Money Waster I've owned and acknowledge that they are different and an acquired taste. Most of my riding is on the road and don't do a lot of "Long Way Round" stuff although I do venture "off road".

    Cheers, David
  2. Welcome mate, nice ride. I'd think there are plenty here with bad backs who can commiserate re the sports bikes...
  3. Thanks mate
  4. welcome aboard mate :]
  5. Welcome to NR David.
  6. Another Westie! Welcome David, hope to see you on a ride sometime.

  7. Hi Dave and Welcome.
    Quiet a broad mix of riders in here. Everyone from those in their late teens who have just ridden their first bike home from Peter Stevens with 23km on the odometer, sitting in the garage staring at their Bike, wondering what to name it, to those with hundreds of thousands Km's under their belt. Haven't done much dirt myself, mostly Bitumen. The longer stints.
  8. Welcome to NR
  9. Thanks mate. Nice to be welcomed.
  10. Than
    Thanks Jaytee
  11. Hi Ned, definitely a westie mate. Hope to see you out there too.
  12. Hi John, I do remember sitting in the drive way staring at my first hike. Vaguely. It was a long time ago! Thanks for the welcome
  13. Thanks mate
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