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Hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by skellywag, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Hi all, I'm going for my L's next weekend and look forward to being part of the nr community :)

  2. welcome to NR... what city are you in?
  3. oh, and are you hot?
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  4. Hi guys I'm in Ballarat (if you can call it a city) and am I hot? hahaha yes? :/
  5. Welcome!

    Good luck next week with the 'L's ,
    I did mine towards the end of December last year and been trying to ride for an hour or so each day.
    Lovin it!!

  6. Thanks, fingers crossed I pass and then the big decision on what bike I'll buy. I looked at the new cb500fa the other day, so that is on my list.
  7. I bought a suzuki Inazuma 250, for a learner like myself it's perfect. Easy on the throttle so it forgives any lead wristed ness (new word?) but has a nice power band above 5k.
    As I am 192cm tall it just about fits me.

  8. I'm off to Melbourne on Monday to have a look at more bikes and hopefully get some more advice. I'm trying to decide whether to get a bike that I'll keep only for the learner period, or one that I'll be happy on for that time and longer.

  9. Welcome Skellywag. As you are hot I can see @unclegreg organizing a learner ride up to the Ballarat area soon.

    I think you should get a bike you will only keep for your restrictions. Even if you get one you keep for longer you will be looking for the next upgrade.

    Maybe you should buy my bike? I'll even deliver it to you.
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  10. Welcome to NR !
  11. Hey skelywag welcome to NR....
  12. Welcome, and good luck :)
  13. Hi Uncle Greg ;) and thank you to everyone for the friendly welcome.
  14. Welcome skellywag! I am also in Ballarat and go riding around town a fair bit. I ride a GS500F. They are a very good bike for a newbie. Maybe I'll see you riding around! What bike did you end up getting?

  15. Hi Kow8ell I'm actually going tomorrow to look at a VTR250. Hope its a keeper, as I'm keen to get out on the road:) A friend of mine has a GS500 and also recommended it to me. If the VTR doesn't work out I have a couple of GS500 on my list to look at.