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Hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tiger Girl, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone, Pretty excited!!
    My partner and I Just recently passed the pre-learner course at Coffs Harbour and are now proud owners of a Repsol Honda CBR250RABS (my baby!) and a Red Honda CBR250RABS :D

    We got decked out with our riding gear at Shark Leathers on the Gold Coast who were fantastic.

    We both rode MX bikes when we were in our teens and we have been having fun going for rides (local and highway practice) and are learning lots. A little while off going for the P test yet!!.

    I am looking to gain further knowledge by reading lots of your forums.
    So exciting to be on 2 wheels :dance:
  2. Hello and welcome, congrats on the shiny new bikes and Ls :)
  3. welcome to netrider! have a ball on the bikes!
  4. Hi lily, and welcome to Netrider. Did you ride competitive MX, or just for fun?
  5. Thanks everyone, and hornet no just for fun lol.
  6. Cool. Just remember that on the road the berms move: they're called cars and trucks!
  7. Yes hornet, pretty scared at first out there on the highway ... and also had lots of adrenalin rushing.... but after a few times i am slowly getting used to it, or gaining a lot more confidence. I am concentrating on relaxing and not to "death grip" the handlebars! Getting better now with more practice, its something that needs to 2nd nature for me, as soon as I leave home I have to navigate the highway (or so they call it) to go anywhere.
  8. Welcome :)

    welcome lilygirl - Are you hot?!
  10. Welcome to NR! If you dig around, there's a wealth of information in these forums... Enjoy the ride!
  11. Welcome,
    Better off on a dirt bike around Coffs at the moment, with all the roadwork!!Practice, look far ahead, relax and think smooth, roll-on roll-off.
    And most importantly have fun...
  12. welcome to NR, congrats to both of you, keep grinning :)