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Hello All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by timrt1200, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. yep another ole fella....been riding since 75...current ride is a BMW RT1200... I live on the South coast of NSW....riding the Clyde (330 corners round trip) is on my doorstep... don't ride as much as I like (am currently a full time carer for my wife)....most memorable trip...Toronto, Canada to Las Vegas Nevada in 3 days via unrestricted speed limit roads in Montana (Big Sky Country) roads....


  2. Well g'day there old timer, a memorable ride that one I bet.

  3. yes it was Mcsenna...especially outrunning tornadoes out of the badlands to Rapid City
  4. Welcome timrt1200, Hope to hear more tall tales and true :) Montana is a optional helmet state isn't it?
  5. Thx cjvfr...No in Montana supposed to wear a helmet...... tall tales???? ....nup outrunning the tornado is a true story...the wind was so strong....I was scraping my pegs going in a straight line....
  6. Welcome mate, I've been riding since 74 so we're about the same vintage, I'm currently on a BMW K1600GT.(y)

  7. thx Loubre ...so what do you think of the new BMWK1600GT Sport?
  8. Actually quite like the look of them, wished they were available when I bought mine:( that red looks amazing.