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Hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Hallie, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Figured it was about time i made myself an account,some of the Melbourne riders have already meet me (son of Ultram) had to get a better name than that!!

    I am currently riding a CB400 but looking at upgrading to a street triple. I also have a KTM200 but never have time to get out to ride.


  2. I think 'Son of Ultram' sounds pretty epic.
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  3. Welcome Stuart...and Son of Ultram actually does sound kind of awesome.
  4. Welcome!

    All we hear about you from @ultram is him wondering if he's gonna be able to get you out of bed for a ride....so c'mon, is it REALLY true you have no time??!! Lol.
  5. welcome.

    don't be the prodigal son. just be a prodigy
  6. Haha Greydog only sometime is it laziness even tho ultram will disagree.

    Thanks for all the welcomes :)
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  7. welcome in mate your old man was talking about the stripple yesterday
  8. oh shit i have to behave now
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  9. Pffft, nah....
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  10. I always behave :)
  11. so do i
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  12. Welcome aboard. Look forward to hearing your future trumpy grace us with its almighty roar.
  13. welcome Stuart, gee, must be a tuff gig havvin a dad that's bike crazy and insists on buying not just the first [ok , a new hand me down] but the second to be a striple?? I hate you I tell you !! lol be safe young fella.. And dont show your dad up too soon ok!! and Greg, behave? lol and I am 21 :p
  14. Haha Goddie couldn't ask for much more from the old man could I? I guess I'll be changing his oil and cleaning his bike for a while.
  15. Hmm reckon he'd appreciate that, just be safe on the road and that'd make him very proud :)
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  16. So now we have another triple in the garage, you better post some pics :)
  17. Welcome, and outstanding choice of bike I must say :D
  18. From someone who rides a Street Triple, why do I find that hard to believe? :)
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  19. He didn't say HOW he behaves. ;)
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