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Hello All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Necros87, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. i figured it was about time i post something here, signed up and paid 3 months ago, but have been too busy to start posting...

    but anyway, i got my full license and purchased a 2010 Z750 (brand new, was a showroom model. they wet it up first time for my test ride) 3 months ago, and since named her Kendra.

    I am from the NSW Central Coast and try to get out for a ride, however small, at least every second weekend. and i also commute when the weather allows. i would be up for a ride is someone is organising one :)

    at some stage in the not to distant future i will post up my multitude of mods that i have done and are continuing to do to Kendra in great detail. though i will have to wait till i can post pics and links first.

    and once i am recognised as a paid up member (I paid 3 months ago :s) i will be able to post an ad in the classifieds for a brand new Dainese jacket that doesn't fit me.

    anyway, thats about it for now.


    Edit: it looks like i am recognised as a member now!
  2. Is you user name any relation to the killer 80's hardcore punk band ?
  3. No... it is not... but i may use it as a reason down the track...

    it was a username i made up round about 2001, and it kinda just worked, been using it ever since.
  4. It was a long shot
  5. Lo bloke
    That reminds me i shud pay.