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Hello All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lukerutten, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Hi guys and girls,
    My name is Luke and I have recently purchased a Suzuki GSR 600 and thought I better join a good motorcycle group and get involved. Also a member on ford forums so I am pretty fluent with forums.

    Please excuse me and some silly questions I got but I am relatively new to bikes as I have had a Honda CB250 for 2 1/2 years and I am looking forward to a real bike.

    This goes vice versa to, If you have any questions about fords and cars in general I can try to help or point you in the right direction.

    Cheers and Happy Riding,

  2. Luke , luke... Use the fords...
    The fords is strong in this one.
    Welcome luke. Sorry for the star wars humour. Saw an opportunity and took it.
    What sort of fords are you into. I grew up around mustangs, galaxies , thunderbirds and ford/mercury hot rods. But I like some of there new stuff too.
  3. Yes, starwars humour is old but good. I am in ltd and long wheel base
    Current one is a 1995 df ltd. Good to see there are fellow fordians out there
  4. Nice. The last one I had was a 79 fairlane. Damn good car. One of the most comfortable cars I've ever had and could tow just about anything...
  5. welcome to NR Luke, and join in on our ride this sunday coming, check the therads for he BLack Dog Ride, heaps of people from the east are meeting up in a couple of locations. Ride goes to Maldon, will be a great day
  6. Would be highly interested in coming for a ride but haveing just purchased the bike though peter stevens, They are d**king my finance company around so I may not have the bike by then..... Will come along one day but \\:D/

    Peter stevens in melbourne don't seem to understand what a Tax Invoice is
  7. There's a lesson for us all.....

    Welcome in, Luke.
  8. Welcome Luke

    I hear tax invoices aren't the only things PS don't understand.

    Only ever owned one ford it was a laser, that my son not so politely called the "sh*tbox". Admittedly it was old, but wasn't going to get a new car with him just coming off learners and my daughter just about to get hers. In the end had no choice when he wrote it off.

    He has a MR2 now, which he has never loaned to me by the way, so how does that work?
  9. Don't diss Starwars!! or I'll go all Yoda on ya... popcorn chicken, delicious they are!

  10. its only a toyota anyways, not missing much, lasers were a good car if you got the tx3/5 turbos.... hard to find now days in good condition considering most of them have been thrashed by p-platers. At least i screwed them, they came down from $7000 to $6300 with 12 months roadside assist, free full service, 3 month warranty and about 3000 kays less than the other one i was looking at. =D
  11. oh, and my dealers name was Vince Arce...... make what you will of his last name, I always say arse on the phone when asking to speak to him.
  12. Welcome to Netrider. I could never afford a ford <groan>
  13. All good Archaeon. Just don't go darkside !!!
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  14. Wecome to the NutHouse 8-[ !!!
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    Nuthouse hey, already getting involved and when I have time away from work I would want to join in on one of the organised rides. Lost my riding buddy to his new gf and now I am a lone rider