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Hello all! :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by SaneForest, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new here (clearly). I've been quietly reading the forums for a short while now and thought it's about time I jump in :)

    I'm from hobart and I've only just got my learners license about 3 weeks ago. So brand new to riding and haven't got a bike yet. Taken a few second hand ones for a test ride but nothing that takes my fancy.

    Any tips for a newbie rider would be welcome :)

  2. Welcome to NR. (y)

    The roads there are awesome.
  3. Hey SaneForest welcome to NR, so you werent the one hooning in tassie most reecently clocked doing crazy speeds? :)
    welcome and enjoy :)
  4. Welcome to NR :).
  5. Hey there minglis, goddie, Lazy Libran :)

    goddie, Thanks :) And nope, no hooning for me, I like having legs and being able to walk (y) I hear having gravel rash is none too pleasant either.

    Lazy Libran you've been to tas? Did you get to see much of it?
  6. I spent about 10 days in Tas over Christmas 2 yrs ago. (around Cygnet I think....) Didn't do any riding there tho. One day.
  7. I've been to Tas a few times and in one trip drove all around it - clocking up about 2.5K Kms in 10 days. Love the place and want to get back soon but this time on a bike.

    Every time I've bene there I've promised myself that I need to come back on a bike (But before that I needed to buy a bike). The 'buying the bike' dream came true a few months ago so will need to work on the 'getting the bike to Tas' dream now!

    As minglis wrote - One day! :)
  8. Wow, sounds like you're a keen traveller libran. I'd say you've probably seen more of tas than I have.

    Cygnet is a place I don't normally go, as with lots of little out of the way towns. They're nice though. Usually very quiet and peaceful.

    I'm a very short trip out of hobart, but I've travelled to various places as a kid with my parents. Being so young the trips felt long and boring ("are we there yet?"). I'd love to do it again now that I'm a bit older so I can appreciate the whole thing a lot more. I'd love to do it on a bike too, better get something comfy!

    If you guys ever came down we can ride the state together! Plenty of twisties! Gotta watch out for those unmaintained roads though, too many potholes sometimes.
  9. Hello Sean, and welcome to NetRider.

    There's a whole lot of stuff up on here that may be helpful for beginning motorbike riders and more being added all the time. I'd love to get down to Tazzy and have a look. SkipperAU is urging me to do so in his company, and that may happen down the track a little. Anyway - nice to have you along.
  10. Thanks kneedragon. It's good to be here :)

    Yeah, I see there's a heap of info in the New riders and riding tips section. Having a bit of a look through it now. Lots of experienced riders to glean from, the trick'll be keeping it in mind while I'm on a bike.
  11. Welcome to Netrider, any Tassie resident can be sure of meeting other Netriders when in the warmer months they fly south to sample Tassie's awesome roads.
  12. Hiya Sean,

    I'm new also, my names Yvonne and I ride a 2011 Ninja 1000. Did a 10 day ride around Tassie last March with 13 other riders. Loved it so much that 3 friends and I are doing it again for about the same amount of time in March 2012. Hoping to find even more fantastic roads. Don't think I found any bad ones, so would be happy just to do the same roads again. For anyone thinking of doing it. GO FOR IT! I guarantee you wont be disappointed.
  13. cjvfr must be a long wait for the warmer months :wink: Even in summer we get half day of beautiful sun and then a down pour of rain. But good to know tassie's road are popular. I feel privileged to live here now.

    Yvonne nice choice of bike, I've seen those ninja 1000s and they are the most sexy looking bike I have ever seen, I love the green ninja's especially. Glad you didn't find any bad roads. Hope you enjoy your next trip just as much.