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Hello All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by davesharp, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. I am Dave from Brighton. I am an avid bike lover and a proud owner of a Harley Davidson Sportster. Just looking to connect with fellow bike lovers. Will love to get tips on to better take care of Daisy (this is what I call my lovely Spotrtster).

    Talk to you guys soon.

  2. WELCOME to NR! :D

    I'm hols. Don't really know anything about cruisers, but chain maintenance and regular cleaning of it goes a long way! As does putting a bike cover over her, telling her she's a good girl, and always giving her the good stuff (petrol), and last but not least, taking her on lots of long rides!

    take care cya round
  3. Dave do you always post from India?
  4. His writing is rather shitty...
  5. But then again so are most of the posts on here :p
  6. Hi Dave, Hi Daisy. Welcome to NR.
  7. how u know hes from India?
  8. That's what I'd like to know :)
  9. he pinged his IP address..... he's a mod, he can do that sort of stuff, (and does!)
  10. Are people from India not welcome? :eek:
  11. Unless there's a Brighton in India then I call it suspect considering a further post by this poster was full of links to harley sites.
    My spider senses were tingling.

    If of course he is legit then all is well :)
  12. Anyone who wants to post from India is more than welcome...

    but - what smee said!

    The second post follwing his introduction (less than a minute later) was a series of links including a couple of commercial ones slipped in. There's something that just doesn't seem quite right.