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Hello all!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by hienous, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Hi there peeps. Just like to say that I got my L's a few weeks ago and am itching to get onto a bike.
    Just to introduce myself, I'm 30 years old, male, married with twin 2yr old girls (expecting a third in November) and have been experiencing stagnation in my career (and marriage!) and was looking for an outlet and motorcycling fits the bill perfectly. I wasn't really into it before, but recently seem to find so much enthusiasm for it.
    Looking forward to future advice and useful info from the forums, and hope to learn as much as possible from you guys and gals out there.
    I haven't got a bike yet but thinking of starting small like a cbr125- there seems to be a heap of them on sale out there, with a good price that won't cause my wife to chuck a skitz.
    I have to admit that even though I'm a guy, I'm pretty small- only 5'3"- 160cm so I think a small cbr125 might be a good start. What do you think? Some say that I will tire of that bike too soon, so recommend a 250cc, but I'm not too sure if I should. Plus, being a short-ass and small framed I have some trouble with seat heights. I did have a look at the vtwinmamma site regarding bikes for short-riders (mostly women!)- and just wondering if anyone on the forums are short like me and I'd like to know what they ride. Thnx, and hope to see some of you on the road!

  2. Hey mate - welcome!

    Maybe bit too much info on the personal front, but I hope you get it all sorted soon.

    I think a 125 is not the way to go, I suggest getting a honda cbr 250 r/rr as they are cheap, quick and lok good or get something similar - they wont blow you away and are easy to ride, small ride height also for those on the smaller side. I think you will tire of the 125 Very quickly.

    Anyway - enjoy the site, its a great resource.

  3. Hey hienous;

    Get a 250 mate. I'm 5'4 and i've ridden a cbr125 for 5 minutes and a ZZR250 for 18 months, trust me, get a 250 of some description. Seat height, don't stress on it, most 250's are pretty short in the grand scheme of things, you'll learn to adjust. I just recently upgraded to a Daytona 675 with a seat height of 825mm, story short, you learn and stretch to accommodate.

    Have fun choosing a bike and enjoy the riding once your on 2 wheels! :)
  4. Welcome to NR hienous

    Gotta say I also agree to go with a 250 at least. Its hard enough to stick with a 250 till you are fully licensed! :grin:

  5. welcome mate, great intro, agree with the above, stay clear from the 125, you will kick yourself for getting one 5 minutes into your ride, dont forget to join our sydney rides and learner sessions at homebush also :)
  6. Hi and Welcome to NR

    I'm going to go against the grain here.... I have a CBR125 and I think it's fantastic for learning on. It's lightweight and perfect for me. I'm not that tall either but I find it just the right size, especially for learning on.

    I think your best bet though, is to go around to some places and actually sit on the different sized bikes. I did this, and felt like an idiot doing it, but it helped me make my decision. I was all for the 250 bikes, and there was no way I wanted a 125, but then when I actually sat on a 250 and tried wiggling it a bit, I realised it was too heavy for me to start out on, but then when I sat on the 125, it was comfy and I could easily wobble the bike without the fear of dropping it on it's side. So I got one, and I'm more than happy with my CBR125
  7. thanks for all the welcomes and comments, I feel welcomed already! I did test ride one of my friend's friend's cbr125 and found that I could just touch the ground (tippe toes) and because of the lightness of the bike I didn't feel like I'm holding up alot of weight if I happen to lean on one side. I haven't sat on a 250 bike yet (apart from the one at the L's course) so have to do that to compare. I'll let you know of my final decicsion when it somes. Again thanks.
  8. Far be it from me to argue with a lady, but we've had enough people come through here who bought 125s against good advice and came back and rued the day! You WILL tire of what a 125 CAN'T do very quickly; you will be able to ride a 250 for the whole of your Ps period and still enjoy it.
  9. just to update everyone: I finally bought a bike and I'm glad I waited for the right one. It's a Yamaha virago 250 and I love it to bits already. I'm getting a friend to ride it home for me this Sunday, just in time for father's day- a present for myself!!
  10. yay for new bike!! congrat's on the two-fidy also... enjoy the new toy...!
  11. Thats great news regarding your new bike hienous!!

    Have fun out there :)