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Hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by maular, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Just bought a my first bike yesterday, a 2005 GS500. After a lot of research of NR threads, it seemed like a good choice (and the price was right).

    I only got my license a week ago so I'm pretty green, but so far so good (took it around the side streets today). The previous owner didn't have the service history (and had only had it for 6 months himself), so I'll take it in for a major service this week. The back brake is squeaking and doesn't really feel smooth (I don't think it's just me!), it's obviously had a few drops (scratches on indicators, pegs, handlebar ends, and a few on the engine housing).

    So hello all!

  2. Gday and welcome to the boards :grin:
  3. Welcome :)

    Suzuki have sure 'hit the spot' with that 500, I see heaps of them and they've replaced the Across and CBRRRRRR as the L bike of choice....
  4. 250 ninja is still on top me thinks
  5. For the QRide course I had a CBF250, and it felt rather gutless on the highway. While it's not fair to paint all 250s with the same brush, that's one of the reasons a 500 appealed :)

    Plus there are thousands of GS500s so parts and service should be easy. I've ordered a service manual already (BookDepository is awesome), so hopefully I'll be able to maintain some (most?) things myself.
  6. Welcome to NR :) Congrats on the bike too
  7. Welcome to our humble abode
  8. welcome mate :D
  9. from one newbie to another.........welcome pal & I hope you find NR as gr8 as what I have so far!!!!!!!

    Cheers & happy riding :newb:

  10. Welcome to Forum
  11. Well aren't you all a friendly bunch :)
  12. no :grin:
  13. lol goz he has got it all wrong hasnt he........