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Hello all....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kilo86, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone. Have had the riding bug and been lurking in this forum for a while so I thought i'd introduce myself.

    My name is Kyle, im 22yo, and live in wollongong (NSW). After reading many helpful reviews from this site, I just bought an 89 Spada and am loving it! I've been reading a lot of threads already and there is a wealth of info here!

    So from a fresh faced newbie, Gday.

  2. Early morning Hi kyle


    I'm sure the nice NSW folk will make you very welcome up there, too.

  3. Welcome aboard !
  4. Hi and welcome kyle - just watch out for that evil old man called hornet if you're riding around the 'Gong. :wink:
  5. Will do. I'll be on the lookout now :wink:

    Anyway, i'd like to put a pic up of the beast (it's just been cleaned :grin: ) but I need 5 posts first, so when I reach that milestone I'll put it up.
  6. welcome bud :)
  7. FOr SPA-DA!!!! just spam thread's so you can post up your pics ! ( hahaha, don't actually..againest policy here ^.^)

    can't wait to see your beast...i need to give mine a clean, can't choose between recommendations on CHEMTech-18 or Turtle Wax Wash.... hmmmmmmm :?
  8. hmmm, I suppose thats the difference with being naked :p .... just took a bit of degreaser to get rid of the built up grime and then just gave the tank a light clean and polish.
  9. tat...is, quite true..... WD-40 FTW haha
  10. just post a few more thx for warm welcome's

    or accidently post something twice....shhh i didnt tell u.....dun let hornet see

    anyhows welcome
  11. thanks guys for the welcome
  12. 5 reached so here she is. I don't know why but my phone camera makes the red look a little pink?

  13. nicey

    phone cameras sux....... unless they are the cybershot or the carl zeulahgwoieads whatever they are called
  14. .... carl zeiss lens .... aka. sony

    She Looks nasty ;) (in a good way)