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hello all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by stick3, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. oops i made a blunder got a ...slap cross the wrist..i answered a thread before i introduced myself
    anyway my name is chris and hail from newcastle nsw or newy to the lcoals
    iam 44 been riding over 35 years licence rider 26 years current ride is gixxa 1400 only got her last april ..ive had done just over 2000 kms so far

    now just got work out how to post pics

  2. 20 lashings for breaking the rules Chris :LOL:

    Welcome to NR :)

    I think you need 10 posts before you can start posting up pics.
  3. Ooww! Girls are lashing!? Count me in. :dance:

    Hi chris

    Start posting away - reply to Sirian & I - that's 2 posts. :grin:

  4. 20 lashing.... ouch
  5. girls are lashing? This could be hot, count me in as a newbie too... :grin:

    Edit; oh yeah hey welcome new guy.
  6. So chris, what other rides have you had? Any british?

    brownyy - dreaming! :wink:
  7. welcome. Post pics you need a minimum of 5 posts i think?
  8. Sorry ... too little too LATE [-X
    Expect to be BANNED shortly.

    kidding :p
    Welcome Aboard!
  10. geeza age christ heres me thought i was doing the right thing
  11. Don't start doing that, child. :wink:

    (I remember the early 80's, too - got away with far too much. :grin: )
  12. i could blame this weather, rather be chewing up the ks on the 14 :grin:
  13. You at work? - blame that for not riding today :LOL:
  14. TG do you do anything else but sit here? is hornet your idol?
  15. No, I sit here (avoiding) doing by business tax paper work. :-w
    Who's hornet?

    Edit: why is he yours?? :grin:
  16. Very neat bike :) Great pics Chris
  17. thanks s s i had just fitted the screen.... why tools are there
  18. welcome bud..

    TG, lol @ whos hornet

    All about hornet
    Joined: 13 Mar 2005
    Total posts: 23640

    and a minister for the man upstairs :grin:
  19. Newcastle riders are most welcome (and don't worry about posting elsewhere before posting here, it happens all the time). I'm an old Hunter Valley man myself; 100 years ago my family OWNED half of it :LOL:.

    TG, I think he's referring to me, and my post count, brought about by never being disconnected from Netrider, and posting even when I am, (see my sig. :LOL:)