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Hello all, noob need's advice on cb250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by thecptn, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. G'day all, great forum you peeps have, I have been bitten by the motorcycle bug and there is no turning back now :LOL: bear in mind I have never rode nor owned a bike before, I've been doing my homework last few days, read most of this section of the forum, I've gone to two bike shops, and so far the vtr250 wins my heart, but its price is out of my league, so i decided to opt for a humble cb250, its a naked bike too, something that just seems right too me :D I'm 6' 2" 88 kg, the cb250 seemed to fit like a glove, now I've been searching for a second hand one, and I don't want to spend more than 2K on it, 2.5 at most, are cb250's in the 2k with rego any decent?

    cheers. :D
  2. Plenty of CB-250 owners here, and heaps of people who can help.
    Everyone else is going to say this, so I'll start; make sure you budget for quality protective gear as well as the bike; even if the bike's only worth $1,500, the gorund's still hard and abrasive!!!
    Here's an 83 model in Warragul for $1,600
  3. You normally have no trouble getting a decent CB for $2500-$3000. Although they are a bit light in Vic at the moment. I searched to value mine and the cheapest was $2990 (Guess I know mine's worth 3k :D ) but looking in shops rather than the Net might prove worthwhile. If you're in NSW the prices should be heaps better. Go for anything built 92 onwards as this is the current design and keeps your resale looking healthy.

    CB's are bullet proof, you'll love it. :D
  4. Hey thanks for that fellas, I do intend on getting all out on the gear, I live in sydney, is there any thing to look out for in cbs? also, how much does it cost to transfer the rego to my name?

  5. Not really. They're bloody solid. Check out the used bike buying guide on this site for all the general info but there's nothing specific to CBs I can think of, except to take a torch and check for rust under the fuel tank. Any oil leaking would be a danger sign. I've never seen it happen so I'd be worried if it did. They do tend to build up a lot of chain lube around the front sproket (only if cheap lube is used) so don't let that confuse you. If it's sticky rather than oily, it's ok. :)
  6. Oh yeah! I paid A lot less for my Honda Night Hawk & I love him to bits! just do a search in here & you'll find I'm their biggest fan but I did a sydney trip 3,000k's in 6 days & a funeral in Temora about an hour nth west of Wagga in one day bike never missed a beat & I'm 5'10"

    MTA in Dandenong use only the CB250 as their training & licence testing bike & the guys & gals out there are gr8!

    My Bond (My bike is called Bond cause his rego is VM read Voom 007)is my true & only love, he gives me all I ask of him!
  7. Welcome thecptn. Like everyone has said, tough and reliable. I used to own one, and I'm about the same height/weight as yourself, so that means you'd struggle a little into a stiff headwind and/or steep hill, but otherwise I commuted around 70 k's a day for over a year. Cheap to run, easy to ride. A bit cramped over long distances though.

    If you're in Melbourne have a look at Peter Stevens in the city, my old CB might even still be there, for around the 2k mark (so they said when I traded it).
  8. Thanks very much every one, I realy do appreaciate it, every bit of help does help, I realy am looking forward to getting out the cage for once, I found one for 2500 at bikesale.com.au, 99 model, new chain, sprocket, and tires, but its 500 over my desired budget...oh well, gotta keep looking, ill post pics when I buy her. :D